Monday, May 26, 2008

Cabin Fever!

To celebrate Memorial Day our family has been at my parents cabin at Panguitch Lake. My sister picked Ellie and I up on Wednesday and then Brady came up on Friday night. The weather was freezing and it snowed most of the time we were there. It wasn't really sticking, but it was still snowing in almost JUNE!! When my sister picked us up the car was already quite full, then after a food stop at Wal-Mart, this is how cozy the kids were in the backseat!We had decided to take our scrapbooking stuff so that we would have something to do during the day. With the bad weather it turned out to be a perfect idea! Kellie worked on Ryker's pages and I made cards most of the time! While we scrapped the kids played peek a boo in the curtains and followed each other everywhere!! The also found a secret hiding place between two of the couches!! They played together so well, with only an occasional hit!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hangin' Tough - NKOTB

After a 15 year hiatus the New Kids are back. I was a little curious to see what type of music and what they looked like, so I tuned into the TODAY show this morning. Well, to my surprise the plaza was filled with 30 year women screaming like teenagers. I thought this was quite funny, then realized that these women were my age and boy did I feel old!! During the concert they sang some oldies and even pulled out those classic dance moves. After finding the videos on you tube I can't believe that I actually owned their tape. Matt Lauer informed us that one of their concerts sold out in 4 minutes, I guess they will be giving Miley Cyrus a run for her money!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Day at the Beach

On Friday of our trip we headed to the aquarium in Long Beach, it was huge and had a ton of different exhibits. Ellie's favorite were the sharks, otters, and the hundreds of elementary students that were there on field trips. After the aquarium we went swimming at our hotel, but I forgot the camera so we have no pictures. However, we do have a little fish on our hands. She loved the water and did not want to get out.

Later that day we went to the beach. Ellie loved the water and the feeling of sand between her toes. She stayed on the blanket pretty well and managed to not even eat any of the sand. We had such a great time in California and can't wait for our next trip to San Diego with the Flygare family later this summer.

Friday, May 9, 2008

California Trip - Part 1

Brady had a conference in Long Beach this week, so Ellie and I decided to tag along for the ride. So far we have been having a great time and still have a few days of fun left. After a long drive we got to our hotel late Tuesday night. Apparently, Ellie is a party animal here and doesn't like to go to bed much earlier than 10 o'clock, normal bedtime 8! Here is a recap of our first few days.

Wednesday we went out to eat at cute little restaurant on the pier, Ellie loved eating outside. After we dropped off Brady we took a little drive and then went back to hang out at the hotel. Ellie loves the king size bed and crawls all over it playing with her toys. We then took a walk along the shore next to hotel. It was a little chilly, but we saw a few boats and birds. After we picked up Dad for the day we came home for a little nap and then headed out for dinner. We ended up driving for awhile looking for a great fish market. We finally found it and enjoyed a fresh fish dinner. On our way home the bridge 2 miles from our hotel was closed and the detour turned out to be a 15 mile detour!! Finally back at our hotel we settled down for a long and disappointing JAZZ game.

Thursday after Brady finished the conference we decided to drive up to Hollywood and Beverly Hills to see some of our favorite things from T.V.- This included Sprinkles the cup cake shop- we ate them at a park in Beverly Hills where we were out numbered greatly by rich 3 year olds and spanish nannies, the cup cakes were delicious, Rob & Big's House, and the highlight of them all, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridges house from the Hills, and to our surprise as we were driving by there house Audrina pulled up in her white Mercedes. After Brady snapped a quick picture (see close up of White Mercedes) he hurried and rounded the block and we saw here get out of her car with a bunch of shopping bags and walk inside there gated home. Yah- we felt like stalkers, but it was fun! We had to plan our stops around Ellie's napping schedule to keep her somewhat normal and lucky for us, she did great in the backseat tagging along.

Stay turned for more recap from our exciting trip!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Finished!!

Saturday afternoon Brady finished the deck in the backyard!!! I am so excited every project we wanted to do on our house are finally done, I don't know what Brady will do to keep himself busy around the house now. We will be putting the pool up in a couple weeks, it is the WT version, but at least it will be cool in the summer.My sister Kellie also came to visit us on Friday. Stephen flew her and Ryker up that morning. We had a ton of fun at lunch and then went to the downtown park for a few minutes. Ellie loved the water, but Ryker was not thrilled about getting his feet wet. We did a lot of shopping and playing. Hope you had fun, we sure did!