Friday, January 28, 2011

January BUNKO

With 2 kids it seems that i am still able to make a few bunko games a year, this month was one of them. My cousin, Brittnie, had just moved to Logandale over the holidays and i wanted to see their new house. Since it isn't too bad of a drive I loaded the kids up and went down early for a cousin playdate. We had 9 kids under the age of 4 and most had a blast. Ellie loved all of Gabi's Dora toys and Cooper loved the slide, however, the biggest hit for all of them, boys included, was the giant Barbie house. We had a great time, playing, eating, and chatting!! Thanks for having us Brit. 
However, Ellie's highlight of the night was when Aunt Shawna brought her a new Strawberry Outfit!! She showed and modeled it to everyone and wears it ALL THE TIME!!! 

Picture of the DAY

Cooper got into a paint brush with a sample of paint for the kitchen...
 what do you all think:) adorable
 My favorite is the little dot on the tip of his nose!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A present to a loyal reader...

and since she never answers telephone calls here is your song!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He is such a CHARACTER!!

Here are a few things Cooper has been up to this month...
The other night we had gotten the kids out of the tub when we heard a loud THUD from the bathroom, Cooper had climbed back in and was enjoying the last of the bubbles and water...only problem he was fully dressed!!
He wants to be just like his big sister Ellie...He came in wearing Ellie's Alice bow with his buzz jammies...
He was sick at Grandma's last week and all he wanted was to snuggle with BUZZ on the couch and watch TS3, mind you this is at 10 at night. Later he was holding his hand!
He loves looking out the window!
He got new Converse for xmas, thanks Richie, and he loves wearing them to church!!
After previewing this blog i noticed something!! but i promise Cooper does get dressed during the day even though it may not seem like it!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A SunBEAM and a Non-Nursery Go-er

It's the beginning of a New Year and with that a big change at the Flygare's. This cute little lady now gets to go to the BIG Primary. She was so excited and couldn't wait for class. Ellie went right in and sat down on her chair. After class she told us she learned about The Earth!!! and sang the snowman song. 

Cooper on the other hand has only made it 20 minutes in the nursery before they bring him down to our class. Vanessa told us he just cries and points at the door saying DADA!! So Cooper comes to the rest of class and then heads back to nursery with Dad, while i take our class of 8 boys and 2 girls into sharing time ALONE!!I look forward to the day Cooper will go without hesitation, but i don't see it happening in the near future, the little turkey!!
Ellie's attempt at hugging Coopie!!

Baby It's COLD Outside...

These are the words to Ellie's favorite song and the phrase I hear to often as we go outside these days. Saint George was so cold between Christmas and now that we actually got a little white stuff on the ground and not just in our surrounding mountains like much of December. 
Our house got a few inches and we still have quite a bit left in the shade against the front of our house. It make me cold just thinking about it. Since this is not a regular occurrence I bundled the kids up in 2 sweatshirts, slick pants, too big of gloves, hats, and anything else i could think of to keep us warm (we don't own winter jackets or snow clothes) and ventured outside.
Ellie loved every minute and quickly found Abby next door to share in the wonderfulness. Cooper wasn't as sure but quickly got into the snow and enjoyed himself. We built a snowman, made snowballs which Cooper quickly learned to throw, and snow angels. We lasted about 45 minutes then retreated to the warmth of inside and the bathtub to warm up. We enjoyed our bit of winter, but will be glad to have the warm mild winter that we love back soon!!

Christmas Day

Ellie woke up at about 4:30 that morning, but since it was still dark outside I persuaded her back to bed, since i didn't think Aunt Tami or Grandma would appreciate that early of a wake up call. She woke up again at about 7:30 a more reasonable hour.After getting Cooper up and Dad we made our way as a family out to the living room to see what Santa had brought. I think Coopie was a little overwhelmed but soon getting right into the fray. Ellie was so excited to see her Berry Cafe and Princess stuff.  
We started opening presents about an hour or so after we woke up, we spent that time playing with our Santa toys, opening our stockings, waiting for everyone to wake up and just enjoying the magic of Christmas morning. 
When we started we went youngest to oldest, Ellie was interested in what everyone else got for about a minute, then when it wasn't her turn she would return to her Strawberries and Alice to play until it was her turn again!! After everything was opened we had cinnamon rolls for a late breakfast and headed downstairs to watch a home video Brady had put together for his family. It turned out so good and i think everyone loved them. By this time Ellie had packed up most of her toys and taken them to her room, so Coopie wouldn't touch them, and was playing happily. 
The rest of the weekend we played, took naps, cooked and ate a wonderful dinner, went for Jeep rides, played some more, watched Inception again, and had a wonderful time.
We ended the weekend with breakfast at the Bear Paw and then our celebrating was done as the Grandparents went home and Daddy went back to work.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve

I know i am a huge slacker, but i have this and Chirstmas left from 2010 then on to the million posts for the new year... will i ever catch up??

This year for Christmas we were lucky enough to have Brady's parents and his sister, Tami join us. Ellie was in heaven all weekend!!
His parents weren't able to make it down until Friday afternoon, due to the HUGE snowstorm all week in Utah County. So we were glad when they finally arrived.

Last year I decided our new tradition was going to be going out to dinner on Christmas Eve that way I could enjoy my family all night without cleaning up a huge mess and by the way i LOVED it, my new Christmas tradition for 2011 is going to be crockpoting Christmas Day dinner so I can stay in my PJ's all day. We decided to go to Samuarii 21, the kids had only been there once so they were both enthralled with the fire volcano and all the other tricks our Chef preformed, Cooper even enjoyed eating most of Grandma's salmon!!! He loved it and when anything else was offered to him he would point and grunt for the fish, it was hysterical, and Ellie didn't touch a morsel. Since they were so well behaved we stopped and threw pennies in the fountain outside. 
When we got home Ellie had a quick snack and then we started our Christmas Eve festivities...
*we opened Christmas gifts from Grandma Flygare which included new Thomas & Dora PJ's and a new book that Grandma narrated. They both love the books and i hear them all the time. They are light sensitive so it was kinda funny when they didn't work at first, but once Grandma took it into the kitchen to look at it they magically worked. aahhh technology
*we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a now yearly tradition
*played a game of Candyland with Grandma and Tami
*we got an important message from Santa for Ellie on the computer
*we got our milk and plate of cookies, candy, and carrots ready for Santa, Rudolph, and the other reindeer
 *watched the same part of The Christmas Story about 5 times
and nestled into our beds for hopefully a long winters rest!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Forgotten Post

Last night Ellie said she was ready for bed and brought out her jammies, so I changed her, then a few minutes later she wanted her milk so i got that and off she went. Brady then got on the phone with his parents and i sat down at the computer and she came out and asked if i could turn on her pink lamp, i told her it was on and she was off again. it had been a few minutes and I realized I hadn't heard from her so i got up to check if she was watching a movie in my room, nope. Her door was shut, lights off, lamps on, and she was fast asleep in her bed. Completely adorable other than the fact it was 6:30!! Needless to say i had an early morning that started at 3:30 and was in and out til 5, where we both slept soundly til 8! 

This was written on December 13th and forgotten about until i found it today:)

Monday, January 3, 2011

December Travelings...

I can't believe the holiday season has come and gone so quickly. We had a great season and as Ellie gets older the funnier it is. She finally got Santa Claus and every toy she saw in the store she would pick up and say, "Maybe for Christmas," put it back and keep walking. We enjoyed watching The Grinch, Rudolph, and Frosty a million times and singing our favorite song, Baby it's COOLLLDDD Outside! We also drove around and looked at lots of lights, especially the great job out Dad did!! Cooper enjoyed rearranging the tree ornaments each day and throwing the jingle bells all over the house while yelling, BALL!! He almost got on the naughty list when he decapitated, dearmed, and destroyed a Santa Door Decoration!!! Lucky for him Santa is pretty forgiving:)
We saw Santa a few times and each time Ellie would climb up on his lap and tell him she would love a "BIG STRAWBERRY HOUSE" aka a Strawberry Shortcake Cafe. Cooper on the other hand was not so Santa friendly and would death grip your arm until he was far away, there was not a chance he would sit on his lap. So Ellie would tell Santa something new Coopie wanted each time she sat on his lap. 

A few of our December highlights was enjoying the Winter Wonderland at the Bass Pro Shop with our cousins. 
We also saw the lights and a few reindeer at Thanksgiving Point with the Flygare Clan and enjoyed a fun gift exchange...Ellie got some Princess Dominoes, while Cooper enjoyed a magic 8 ball, that I'm surprised has lasted this long, considering he throws it everywhere.
We also celebrated with the Sims crew at Grandma's annual Christmas party, we were sad this was the last year and have looked forward to it. On a funny side note Brady's Uncle Barry came into the party with a shaggy white beard and Santa had and Ellie fell in love. She immediately sat down iwht him and played Angry Birds on the itouch with her very own Uncle Santa. I wanted to get a pic of the 2 of them and Ellie said "Wait, I ahve to get on you lap Santa" and up she climbed. Barry was just delighted that Ellie finally talked to him after 3 years. Grandma Sims went out with a bang and hired a magician for the occasion. The kids loved the magic and Brady loved hearing the score of the bowl game...NOT!! After the party we rushed home to watch BYU whallup UTEP in the New Mexico bowl.
Then the next day we were off to Las Vegas to visit with Aunt Kim and the rest of the Haycock's. We enjoyed seeing the whole family on Sunday night. On Monday me, my mom and sisters went to The Forgotten Carols. It was a wonderful performance and i had forgotten so much of it, i was glad to see it again. Tuesday we made some Christmas Cookies and played with Ryker and Alyson and Wednesday we headed out to the Mohlers so Ellie and Ryker could exchange gifts. Ellie loved her new Chatter telephone and Ryker's new strawberry remote controlled car. Then it was back home to get Christmas ready at our house.