Thursday, February 17, 2011

Orange Stained Fingers...

and faces can only mean one thing....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was pretty low-key, we hosted a Joy School party, and then the kids and I hung out around the house. I gave them their presents before Dad got home so that I could have a few moments of peace. Ellie loved her new playhouse Disney friends and before I even got them out of her bag, 
she exclaimed, "THANK YOU, MOM"
While Cooper got to know his new Toy Story Pals.
 When Dad made it home, with a box of my favorite cakebites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy, we went down to the park by the ball fields and had a Pizza Picnic Dinner
 and played on the toys. 
 Brady also taught the kids to run the bases...
 I love my little family and am so thankful for them!! 
Thanks for a great day!!!

Put Put GOLF

Last week Brady called and said to get the kids ready he was coming to pick us up. So we loaded up and headed to Fiesta Fun for a little Mini Golf. The kids had fun until about hole 10,then we quickly finished the rest of the holes. Ellie loved it, even though we had to help her hold her club each time, she couldn't remember how her hands went, then she would get so excited when the ball actually went IN THE HOLE!!! 
 While Cooper had no problem wacking the ball around. We then enjoyed dinner at Ellie's choice, Gringo's Grill!! It was a nice middle of the week Family Outing:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sleepy Head

Last Wednesday night Brady was trying to hook back up our computer after painting the office. Well, Cooper was being a little to helpful so I took him into our room to watch a little Mickey Mouse Playhouse. A little while later Ellie came out and started playing, but no Coop. 
So I went to check on him and here is what I found....
He wanted nothing to do with me waking him up.
and so we let him go to bed at 6:00!!! 
Lucky for us we slept soundly til 9 the next morning:)