Thursday, July 28, 2011

4th of July

The morning of the 4th we got up bright and early and headed out to the Balloon Festival. We didn't have to walk to far and it was nice and cool and a little overcast. When we first got there we found a nice place on the grass a ways from all the action and before we knew it we were right in the middle of all the balloons. The kids loved being so close and seeing all the designs. The festival was going great, til a huge wind gust came through and knocked down everything in a matter of seconds, thus ending the festival on the spot. So we packed up and headed over to the parade route. 
 Ellie and Cooper were quite content during the parade as long as Coop had food and Ellie could see. Our families highlights were: Ellie's the Little Mermaid float from Tuacahn, Cooper loved the huge balloons, and Dad loved the impromptu BYU Pep Rally!!! The only thing that would have been better would have been an appearance by Jimmer, but I guess he has more important things to do like hang out with Justin Timberlake!! After the parade we headed home for the BBQ and Swim Party at the Heinekins. (sorry no pics from that) The kids were so tired and grumpy they missed the fireworks, but Brady and I enjoyed watching some off our back deck. They were a little to close for comfort for me, but oh well, that's the 4th for ya!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Partying with Rapunzel

All Ellie has been talking about since Christmas is her birthday and not just any birthday a Rapunzel Party. Since it's all I've been hearing about we decided that is just what we would have for her friends. I spent some time online and found some adorable ideas. The weekend was spent playing with Will, Abby, and Ryker!!! Sunday night we let her open all her family gifts. She was so excited to see many Rapunzels, including the beloved Tower that we looked at with each and every trip to Target. Brady had a picture of her and Minny put onto canvas that she is so excited to have hang in her room.

That night after the kids fell asleep we decorated with lanterns and banners. Kellie, Brady, and I all managed to put together and decorate a tower cake. It was quite the process, but it turned out perfect. At the party we made some Pascal Party Blowers, played tug of war, hit Flynn with a pan, tag, and a few others. The activities went much faster than a bargained for, but everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Ellie was so happy and thankful for all her presents and quickly stored them in her room so her little brother couldn't get into them. 
That afternoon she got to go shopping for present from Grandma Haycock. She picked out the Rapunzel dress-up gown and she wears it everyday. Many times she includes her purple cape, because all Princesses have a little super hero in them, right?!? We love that little girl so much and glad she had a fabulous b-day!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

24th of July Parade

Saturday morning we got up bright and early, packed up our trailer, and headed for town. We got down early enough to stop by the pancake breakfast and then walk over to claim our spots. Shane and Stephen had brough their 50's for the kids parade so Cooper climbed right in with Alyson. Ellie was suppose to ride with Will, but she wasn't feeling it, I barely got her on the bike long enough to take her picture with Chelcie.
Apparently 50's aren't allowed in the parade so the kids were in the "real" parade, which meant Ellie was able to pick up ALOT of candy. She loved every minute, especially the Thomas Train and Smokey the Bear. 
Cooper was happy just sucking on his sucker and eating his otter pop in the trailer during his parade debut. 
After the parade we packed up and headed for home. That night I was lucky enough to enjoy Grease out at the Tuacahn with the Fisher Clan!!!

Posey Lake - A Camping Adventure

We spent the week before the 24th up near my Dad's old stomping ground, Posey Lake. Most of our family made it by the end of the week, but it started with just my parents, the Mohler's, and us. The kids had so much fun roaming the campgrounds, throwing rocks into the lake, playing Swig in the trailer, doing puzzles, and fishing. We only had a few casualities including the bike trailer tipping, Alyson falling out of the trailer the first 20 minutes we were there and loosing Cooper once and turns out he was just a little faster at heading to the lake than everyone else.

Everynight we would head down to the lake and hang out at the dock fishing. Ellie is turning into quite the outdoorsman and she was so proud to show off the fish they would catch. I don't know how she didn't manage to fall right into the lake. By the last night she would get on her bike and ride down to the lake by herself to met her Dad. She loved it!!!!
One of the days we took the kids shooting down by the old Cowpuncher Forest Service Cabin and then drove over to Hell's Backbone. They have improved the bridge alot and it is not nearly as scary as I remember from my childhood. 
I also got to drive down to town with my Dad one day. He showed me where Shane got his first deer, where he used to take the sheep, some old troughs that were carved out of logs. He also told me a few stories along the way. One happened just under the old CC camp, they had needed more firewood so they had loaded everyone up in the trucks and drove a couple miles down the road to where a big pine and fallen. While the adults were busy the kids were playing down by the road. An old truck coming from Loa with peaches loaded in the back came around the corner and clipped one of the trucks tailgate and tipped. A guess Peaches went rolling everywhere. Once the truck was back on the road and on all 4 tires the man said, "I guess there is no sense in going to Escalante now" and turned around and went back the way he came. My Dad said everytime after that they'd go up to Posey he'd look in that gully to see if any peach trees had started to grow. 
 By the end of the week Aunt Kim, Chelcie, Rich, Alex, Aunt Natalie, Cody, Uncle Shane, and WIll had come up. The first afternoon the Fisher's were there we were down at the docks trying to fish and a few of the polygamist wives and children were down splashing in the water(the husbands were working on the campsites). Well once they jumped in Alex went up and put on her suit and jumped in and swam around that lake. It was pretty gross with lots of weeds and the lake is kind of that green color, but she was in pure heaven and didn't want to come back in. The rest of the week was spent eating, playing and having a great time.