Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The NEW DO!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Standing Tall!!!

Look whose getting good at standingand getting stuck in sticky situations!!!Why go around when you can start here
then up on top
and finally over!!! More to come but Grandpa here is a sneak peek

and a Few More!!

I couldn't resist putting just a few more of my favorites of our trip to Disney.

Friday morning the parked opened at 8, so we went back for a few more hours. We were one of the first people into the park and the very first in line for NEMO!!
We spent the rest of the morning in Fantasyland riding all the favorites, Dad even joined us at Dumbo!!She got a button from City Hall that said "1st Visit"
not really true, but she loved it!!

We also saw Chip & Dale, well Ellie would only give one of them a hug, it was pretty funny and after I came over she hugged them both a couple of times. Ellie had a little allergic reaction to the sunscreen
that made her face of red and blotchy looking.

Here is Ellie's look of terror on her first
rollercoaster in Toon Town.

She feel asleep Thursday afternoon, so Brady and I enjoyed a quiet lunch at Tortilla Joe's in Downtown Disney!
We had our own boat on Small World
and us missing COOPER!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We have been wanting to take Ellie to Disneyland for awhile now, so last week we packed up and headed down to California. We left Cooper with my parents for the week, where he had a blast playing, eating ice cream, and sleeping through the night!! We sure missed the little guy, but I think he was happy where he was.
So we got down to Cali Tuesday night, Ellie refused to take a nap until we got down the hill, so to help her burn off some energy we headed over to DownTown Disney. As soon as we saw the first Mickey head's Ellie yelled TOODELLE'S (from the mickey mouse clubhouse). We walked through a few stores, Ellie was in heaven at the World of Disney. We found a little band and Ell's made a few new friends and had a huge dance party. It was so funny watching all the kids getting down.The next morning the park didn't open til 10 so we had breakfast and Brady headed over to take back some motors and then we went to the park. Once in the park we first visited with Mickey and Goofy!! Ellie would lower her head and give the characters the biggest hugs. The only way he could get her to smile BIG was to tell her they were for Cooper.Ellie loved every minute... especially the Nemo Submarines, the apple outside of Snow White, Snow White, DUMBO, meeting Tinkerbell and Pirates. She also loved going to the jungle and meeting a ton of characters.
We stopped to enjoy the parade and of course the camera batt. died so I missed pics of Ellie dancing in the street and with Mickey Mouse. Brady did get a few of his phone, so I will have to post them later. The park closed early and the rain started so we headed out a few minutes early and ate dinner at Denny's. Ellie was so good after a long day and spent most of her time coloring at the table.
Thursday we headed to California Adventure and spent most of our time on Monsters INC. Ellie loves that ride and we love that their is never anyone on it!!! After getting a few snacks we headed back to Disneyland!! We decided to take the time to meet a few princess and boy did we luck out. The look on Ellie's face when she saw Belle was priceless!! She took off and we had to grab her, since it wasn't quite our turn, but then she got like a 3 minute hug!! We then saw Aeriel and Cinderella!!!That night we went in the store to take a look and Ellie went over and picked out these Pixar figures and said "I take these home!" She wouldn't give them up for anything, so that is what she got, she also picked out an adorable stuffed Sully & Mike for Cooper.
Overall we had the funniest time and we can't wait to take Cooper back and show him all the fun stuff that we love!! IF this pic doesn't show her excitement i don't know what does!!