Monday, June 20, 2011

Spotlight Sunday

Each Sunday our Primary picks a child to come up and answer some questions about themselves. Well, this Sunday was Ellie's lucky day. She picked out 3 questions and gave some surprising answers. (thanks to Wendy for telling them to me after church) After they get a cute little poem about bubble gum and reading their scriptures, my tip-off to what had gone down in Primary.
  1. What is one of your favorite things to do? Play with my brother!! who knew???
  2. What is your favorite toy? Princesses!!! Not Surprising
  3. If you could paint your room any color, what would it be? Pink!!! Also not surprising she has been asking for awhile now...
Since it was also Father's day she got to fill out a questionnaire about Brady. I thought some of her answers were priceless so here it is. 
  • He is as handsome as a butterfly.
  • He is as strong as a truck.
  • He can lift 1 lbs. and is 22 tall.
  • His favorite food is salad.
  • His favorite activity is sleep.
  • When my Dad was little, he used to play. 
  • My favorite thing to do with my Dad is he lets me go underwater.
  • My Dad teaches me how to twirl.
  • I know he loves me because he plays with me
  • I would not trade my Dad for twirling!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Boy Bed

After our trip to Vegas, Cooper was taught how to climb out of the pack and play. I figured it was no big deal and didn't worry to much about. Well after we got home guess who started crawling out of his crib??? I put him down for a nap and went downstairs to get something, the next thing I knew I heard this loud crash and the floor shake right up above me. I knew it only meant one thing...COOPER had ESCAPED the CRIB!!! Well I put him back in and he just continued to crawl back out and go stand by the door and cry and cry, after awhile i just gave up and let him out. That night same thing happened until we finally put him in our bed. After about 2 days of this and a rather grumpy child. Cooper normally loves his sleep and wants plenty of it.

 I went to the trusted internet, there was plenty of advice, crib tents, and ways to help your child stay put, but we decided to take the front off.  I wasn't to sure, I mean he wasn't even two yet and Ellie never crawled out or wanted out for that matter. I think she would have stayed in forever if she didn't get booted because of Cooper. 
However, Cooper loves his new bed and the first few naps he would get out and play, but eventually lay back down and fall asleep. I'm guessing once he was out, he couldn't get back in and didn't know what to do with himself to fall asleep. We haven't had any problems since, except for once when i cracked the door to check on him and bumped him with the door. 
 AAWWW i love it, apparently he felt he needed a bum change before his nap:)

Shark Reef

Back in May, Brady's parents came down for a visit to celebrate Tami's birthday. Saturday we joined  them for a day out in Vegas, we drove down and Ellie was out in no time, but Cooper who desperately needed a nap did NOT!!! After lunch we went down to the Shark Reef. Both Ellie and Cooper loved all the animals. Cooper was not afraid to walk right up to the glass, but Ellie being a little cautious, would ask each time if there was glass and reach for it. You would think by the end she would just assume, but not Ell's.  
 Their favorite 2 parts were petting the sting rays in the little pool 
 and walking over the glass in the floor. 
Cooper would get down and stick a foot on like he was going down stairs each time and then stand up. HILARIOUS!!! Finally, he got brave and was running around dancing on it like a wild man. Ellie was also cautious but she loved it too!!
 After their nice Grandma bought them each a souvenir. Ellie choose a puzzle that she is really good at and Cooper got the Shark that opens and closes his mouth.
While we were waiting the kids had a great time running around the hallway. Cooper ran away and when i brought him back he managed this. He does it with Brady but i can't whip him back up. Brady thought it was funny and wouldn't help til he got some photos!!!
 My kids loved spending time with the Flygare's!!! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's your Birthday!!!

We had a few celebrations for Cooper's birthday this year. The first one we celebrated the weekend before with my parents and the Mohler's. We were all going to be at the Cabin and thought it would be a perfect day. Ryker made sure he sat in the special Lightning chair to open all his presents and for the cake too. Cooper got some fun new toys, including a monster truck ramp, a mickey matchbox toy, a Woody guitar, a swim shirt, and some shirts!! 

We went all out on the cake, since we didn't really do much decorating and he loved it and was a pro at blowing out the candles. Although he didn't quite enjoy the frosting as much as Alyson!!!
It was freezing over the holiday weekend so we didn't spend to much time outside other than a few hikes and winter pine cone pick-up. Cooper and Brady also enjoyed a nice 4-wheeler ride up the canyon, while me, ellie and my mom went down to Kade's going away party. He is being deployed for his 2nd trip to Iraq with the Triple Deuce. We loved seeing him and the rest of the family!! We wish them much luck and can't wait for their safe return!!!
On his actual birthday he was surprised first thing with a new BIKE!! We didn't think it was appropriate for him to learn on a pink princess bike!! We also had cupcakes and ice cream in Escalante!!! Where we got one last gift, a water gun from Vanessa!!! If Cooper ever goes missing she fully admitted that he is the kid in the neighborhood she would snatch:)

Her Aunt Chelcie would be proud!!!

We took her to the country last weekend and I guess it came back with her. 
She has worn these boots a few times this week in the 80 degree weather and i don't think she could manage to look much cuter!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The NEVERending...

Our camping trip out to Escalante was filled with spontaneous moments. After we were settled in we decided to take the kids on a little nature walk to see some petrified wood. It was suppose to be a nice little walk that ended up being a 2 mile hike up to the top of the mesa. The kids did fairly well and Cooper only got a ride a few times, luckily Vanessa helped out a ton with Ellie, since Brady was napping in the trailer. That night we celebrated Cooper's 2nd birthday with cupcakes and singing. The Heinekin's got him a super soaker and he held onto it all weekend. I can't wait to show him what it does. 

At the scenic overlook...
 Abby wanting to be part of our family photo...
Friday morning we got up and went over to fish off the dam. We didn't have much luck considering my kids only wanted to throw rocks into the water and reel the line in. Brady finally just put a bubble on the end of the pole and let Cooper reel away. When we got back the others had decided we should go down to Calf Creek Falls. I remember doing this hike a few times and wasn't to sure about all i knew is their was a lot of SAND. On the way there i was hoping the kids would fall asleep so we could skip it and take a nice drive instead, but that didn't happen. The hike started out great, then the kids got tired, they wanted to play in the sand, it was hot, and it just kept going and going. We would ask how much farther and each answer was different and longer than the first. They also had number pointing out different plants along the way, i was never more excited to finally spot #15 and then the falls!!! The kids played, laughed, and made mud pies, the adults on the other hand were realizing we were just halfway done!!! 
Here is Brady when we realized...
Luckily the hike back wasn't as long and I mostly just carried Ellie to be done quicker. We had a lot more shade, so that was nice. When we made it to the car i was glad to hear that instead of doing dutch oven we would stop in town, i think the adults were more worn out and ready for bed than the kids that night:)
Saturday we got up and headed out to Devil's Rock Garden for lunch. It's out in the desert and on the same road out to Hole in the Rock. It has huge sandstone formations the kids can hike and play all over. Ellie referred to it as the Rock Playground. The kids were in heaven, especially Abby and Ellie when they hid in some bushes waiting to jump out and scare Brady and Cooper. 
When it was time to go the Franks decided to head back and the Heinekins followed us out the Dance Hall Rock. Along the way we saw 2 cowboys herding cows and Chimney Rock, that was a marker along the route. I had no idea how far it was, but by the time  we had driven there we were only 27 miles from Hole in the Rock. Dave said it's only 27 miles lets keep going, so on we drove. Our kids were super, they took a few cat naps and after some car sickness and turning around from the Heine's our party finally made it!!! 
It was A.MAZ.ING to see in person, I couldn't imagine going down that drop in just a wagon or sending my kids walking down. I don't know how those pioneer's did it, but my gratitude for those pioneers grew in an instant!! We spent quite awhile there waiting for some sickness to pass and just enjoying the view. I also would really like to visit there again, but actually hike to the bottom of the canyon and come back up. It was one thing to go down a little, but seeing the blast marks and wheel marking would add a lot to the experience. 
These painting are by Lynn Griffin, my Dad's cousin,
and are at the monument just outside of town.
And this was our lovely view for 4 days!!!

Just like Grandpa!!!

This last weekend our family went camping with some of our neighbors out to Escalante. My Dad grew up there and we were able to go out to the family farm Sunday morning before we left. Ellie and Cooper enjoyed petting the horses, but when the sheep came in from the field, Cooper took off after them and his natural talent ensued!!! Ellie was a pretty good helper, too!!! Check it out at the link below on YouTube.

I love around 2 min. when the sheep all start checking out the kids and Cooper won't turn his back to them, I'm sure glad they didn't try to stampede them:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Gift

After Cooper showed off his mad drum skills, Ryker wanted to help Cooper work on his talent and gave him this wonderful present!! Brady and I were so excited to get them, but I think his parents were ecstatic!!! I just hope this gets out of his system before we have to turn the shed in the backyard into a sound-proof studio!!!

Alice and her SuperHero

Ellie is quite into dress-up lately. Alice is literally falling apart and she still loves it and like any Princess you can't forget the shoes or a STAGE!!!!

Cooper's April in Pics

Cooper is quite the little golfer!!! He just wacks that ball across the grass, although at times his swing, grip, and stance looks more like hockey than golf!!
 Cooper is quite the little handy man, he was helping me screw in some knobs to the pink piece of molding next to him.
It's never to early to put your kids to work!!!
Chillin on a pile of pillows, most likely watching Mickey!
You may never met a cleaner kid...he LOVES playing in H2O
Ever seen a cuter Alice and her SuperMan in purple!!!

Easter Bunny Day

The disappointing hunt...Cooper got Zero and Ellie picked up 3 eggs!!!There was just to many people and parents couldn't help the kids. On the bright side we played at the park and got ice cream with the Brinkerhoff's!!!
Saturday morning our neighborhood does their own hunt. Each kids gets a guaranteed 12 eggs and they break them up into age groups, I took Ellie and she was great at finding them but so SLOW, Cooper was mostly interested in what was inside. We also stayed for the breakfast before heading back home. 
 Later that night we dyed some eggs, each egg went in 1 color. Cooper was a great help and loved stirring his eggs.
 Ellie's been waiting for the bunny to make an apperance for some time and was so excited when he finally did!!! Since we have 8:30 church the kids had enough time to look through their baskets and get ready. That sneaky bunny then came back to our house to hid the eggs while we were at church! The kids giggled and laughed at the places that bunny left the eggs!!!
We ended the day driving down to Vegas for dinner at my parents. The kids were excited to see Ryker and Alyson and play at the park!!