Monday, May 31, 2010

A little dirt and I LOT of Wind

For Memorial Day Weekend we were invited to go camping with a few families in our ward and it was so much fun. We all headed out Thursday afternoon and went up to Enterprise Reservoir, it was a great place to camp with tons of rocks for the kids to climb on and plenty of dirt for Cooper to eat. Brady and Ellie enjoyed a few 4 wheeler rides and a quick fishing trip, while me and Cooper napped. Other than it being REALLY windy,it was perfect and not to HOT! The weekend made me realize how much I do enjoy camping especially with a trailer and I can't wait to go again SOON!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our little MONKEY

Cooper started walking about a month ago, at 11 months, I can't believe I never blogged about it!! He is now cruising around everywhere and getting into everything.
Saturday night I was downstairs playing with the kids in the toy room. When Ellie is doing puzzles or playing with something she doesn't want Cooper to get into she plays on the table. Well, that is no longer SAFE!! Cooper just climbed right up onto the bench and then right up on top!! I am just LUCKY I was in there when it happened. The table is now propped up against the wall. I don't know what I am going to do with him, Ellie was never a climber so this is ALL new to me. I guess it is part of the joy of raising a BOY!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Daddy is AWESOME!!!

On Saturday, Brady competed in his first triathlon!! He did the Olympic distance which consists of a 1 mile swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir, 25 mile bike ride, and then finishing up with a 6.2 mile run!! I didn't think it was fair that the last .2 of the run was straight uphill!! He didn't decided to compete until a few days in advance and we are so proud of him for doing it!!
The day of the race his dad went out early with him and watched the swim and then I took the kids out a little later to watch him come back from the bike and run. The kids did great and Ellie cheered for many athletes! It is pretty amazing to watch all these people pushing themselves!!We can't wait to cheer him on again next month and then in July at the Spudman!! I need to get better at action shots, because i was only able to manage a few, but there are some cute ones of his biggest fans!!

A Crazy week with our Cousins

The Mohlers came up to visit us for a few days last week. Since their last trip to Coral Pink was filled with SNOW, the boys went back for a few more days and Kellie came and stayed with us. We had so much fun and can't wait for them to come back again.

We took a trip to Wal-Mart...

complete with rides on Pumba!!We fed the ducks at the park...then spent some time on the swings and playground!We also played in the pool,
rode bikes and drew with the chalk.
And snuggled this little cutie!!
Hopefully it won't be to long before
we get to see this smiling face again!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Once Upon a TIme...

A few weeks ago Brady had to make another trip down to Cali for work. Me and the kids were lucky enough to go and spend a few days at Disneyland. It is all Ellie has been talking about since our first trip in February, so we didn't tell her where we were going until we got there. We also brought Cooper along for the fun!!
We headed out Sunday morning and made pretty good time, the entire way we told Ellie we would go swimming when we got to the hotel, since we were surprising her. Well, that was exactly what she wanted to do when we got there, which was nice because it was pretty warm. After swimming we went back and got ready to head over to the Happiest Place on Earth. We took it pretty easy that night and mainly rode a few rides, watched the parade, did the Tiki Room, and waited around for the fireworks. We also found a new favorite ride, the Casey Junior train ride. That night Ellie loved seeing Tinkerbell fly across the park and Coop loved the fireworks. I forgot my camera this day so sorry no pics:(
The next few days are kind of blur since it's been awhile,however, here are some highlights!! Ellie now sings Small World, she was pretty concerned that pirates were scary?? but we kept telling her no, they are funny, and she meet her dream princesses Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
Cooper's favorite was the Buzz ride, flirting with all the cute older girls in line,
meeting the characters, especially Snow White, I think we was in LOVE!!and the free churro we scored in line at the jungle cruise.
Brady and I both ran into some friends from high school which was fun.
We also had a few first in the park, we rode in the front car of the monorail, saw many of the characters we've never seen before, ate BBQ, and took things nice and slow!!

But truly our kids loved every minute in Disneyland!! They both did pretty good waiting in the lines, Cooper took awesome naps in the stroller, and Ellie continues to talk about it and wants to take Ryker back with us the next time. I am so glad that we have been lucky enough to make the trip a few times and can't wait to go back in the fall when it's cooler and less people!
Every night as we got ready to leave the park, we would get out Coop's blankie and he would lay his head down on the tray and be out within 30 secs. I loved it, he was so adorable!!With 2 kids it was harder to get more pics, I noticed after getting home, so hope you enjoy the ones we took!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

THE Routine

So I had never really thought of comparing
Evan Lysacek &
Ross Gellar but after reading I Heart You this morning I can totally see it.
What about you????
That was one of my all time favorite Monica and Ross moments!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lets Go Fly a KITE!!

Our last trip to Vegas, Stephen took the kids out to fly kites and ever since Ellie has wanted to fly kites. So a few Saturday's ago, Brady planned to take the kids out to the kite festival. They apparently got there a little to early so they left and headed to Home Depot instead. Later that night when the wind kind of picked up, we headed outside to fly our kite. Ellie loved every minute and Cooper even got in on the action!