Monday, February 23, 2009

February Finds

Ellie got a new booster seat a few weeks ago and she LOVES it. She will read in the chair and climbs up whenever she is ready for a snack.

We had to get a second ultrasound of the baby last week and here is a cute pic of his feet! We are having a hard time coming up with a name so any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Here are some more random pics of the month of February:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

McKee Ranch

Saturday we went out to the McKee Ranch to celebrate Ellie's cousin, Carley's 5th Birthday. We had so much fun after you got used to the smell:) Ellie loved running around and seeing all the animals. She showed NO FEAR as she petted, fed, and watched the bunnies, horses, mini horses, a pig, and a friendly burro. Thanks Toni, we had a great time! Here a few of our favorite pics!

Here are a few more, I can't resist they turned out so cute!And lastly here is a video of her on her first pony ride, if you listen carefully you can hear her giggle in the background!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Goldfish??

Today Ellie and I came down to Vegas for our monthly trip. Kellie had dropped Ryker off at my Mom's by the time we got there, so Ellie had someone to play with. Here is how we have spent the afternoon already.

A snack of goldfish and ketchup!!Then a little Madagascar 2 which we got at CVS for $4.99!!!