Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ZiOn... Well Almost

A few weeks ago i found a dresser on Craigslist for Cooper the only day I could look at it was Sunday after church. Since we had to drive out to LA Verkin we decided to just go out to Zion, have lunch and play at the park. 
It happened to be a free Park day so it was packed and the kiddos were snoozin so we skipped the tram and drove up past the tunnels, Ellie woke up on our way back down and was amazed at the windows and the darkness. She wanted to go again, but we told her the line was to long and promised to bring her back again.

Since the park was to busy we ended up just enjoying a little park in Springdale, the weather was beautiful and the kids loved exploring with Dad and playing a little keep away soccer with mom. Cooper is quite the dribbler, we may have a soccer star on our hands. After we lunched at our fave place The Magestic Lodge, Cooper being the little ladies man, said Hi to a cute girl sitting in the lobbby as we came out of the restaurant and then he had to go over and say BYE before he would leave. As soon we walked out the kids took off for a little stream in the front of the building and hopped right in. Cooper was so wet he rode home in just his diaper.