Saturday, December 31, 2011

Duncan the ELF

On Friday morning of Chirstmas Eve, Ellie woke up so early like 5:45 and came into my room. She got in bed and then asked for some milk. Here is our conversation when I came back.
Ellie: Mom, can we open our presents yet.
Me: No it's not Christmas yet. 
Ellie: Yes it is.
Me: Has Santa come??
Ellie: I better go check my stocking!!!
Alas he hadn't come yet, but she did find a surprise from our elf, Duncan though. A snowball fight throughout the house with cotton balls!!!
 A few other things Duncan was up to while at our house. His arrival brought a silly movie about Buddy and new PJs
 One night I thought Duncan had gotten stuck under the couch and Buzz had come to save him. Ellie saw it differently and thought Buzz was shoving him under the couch. The next night this happened!!! Naughty Buzz Lightyear
 Duncan was late coming back from the North Pole and Ellie found him in her bed taking a nap when she got home from Preschool. 
 Rest and Relaxation

Christmas Morning!!!

Surprisingly, my kids didn't get up til 7!!! Cooper even beat Ellie by a minute or two. We sent texts to Aunt Kim to have the crew come upstairs and we were off to see what Santa had brought!!! The kids were so excited, Cooper didn't really know what was going on, but he liked it!!! The kids played with their Santa toys, Ellie got a Jasmine castle, Barbie & Disney Princesses, her own ipod player, and a barbie scooter and new big wheel. Cooper got legos, a Lightning scooter, a Cars 2 playset with a bunch of Cars, a Mickey Mouse Motorcyle, and space captain Mickey. They also found lots of goodies in their stockings to play with. 

Since I'm such a great Aunt I got a few packages for Chelcie, Alex, Rich, and Kim. With each little package they were so excited exclaiming, that matches my room, Friday is my favorite movie, I need one of these now (Alex referring to a headband)!!! Ellie loved opening some much needed winter clothes. Cooper was done after the second gift or so and prefered to play with toys instead. Brady got some new tools for a laundry room makeover I have in mind and I got some new watchbands for my nano and a Vintage Pearl necklace with my kids names on the charms.  Santa also surprised me with an awesome Kindle Fire, so Dad can reclaim his iPad, I can't wait to start a new book!!!! 
After the presents were opened and the living picked up a bit we enjoyed some hot chocolate and Grandma Tobler's cinnamon rolls. Then the kids went outside to ride their new stuff and Brady played with his JEEP. We went on a few rides around the block before the Fisher's took off for Las Vegas. Coop and Elie had a picnic on the floor and watched the Lion King. Then the kids played and played, watched a little of The 3 Amigos, and went to bed early. It was a great day and I loved that we had another Christmas to celebrate in the morning!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve came a day early at our house due to 9am church Sunday and a desire to head to Vegas on Christmas. Luckily, our kids are young enough they had no idea and Ellie's BFF celebrated early too, so it all worked out.

Friday afternoon my sister Kim, and her kids, Chelcie, Rich, and Alex drove up to join us. They are a crazy bunch and we were glad to have them celebrate with us. That night we went out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and had the best ribs and steaks. I absolutely love not cooking on Christmas Eve and am glad we started that tradition a few years ago. After dinner we drove past our favorite Christmas lights at the temple, a Phineas & Ferb themed lights and music spectacular, and Sulley!!!
Kim and Chelcie made a stop by Larsen's for some shakes and we then snuggled down and watched "Santa Claus in Comin to Town." Ellie and Cooper both got to open a gift, Ellie opened a Strawberry movie from her friends Halle and Lauryn and Cooper opened a couple of shirts from his mom. He was so excited and ran around showing everyone. 
Cooper kept running in and out of the group photos, it was so funny.
Then it was time to get the cookies ready for Santa and head off to bed. 
The rest of us settled down and watched a little of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation before heading to bed to await Santa's visit!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zach is MARRIED!!!

The weekend before Christmas we headed up for the wedding of Brady's nephew, Zach. Cooper and Brady got a quick hair cut the night before.

We had to be at the Draper temple early Saturday morning and we were so thankful that Chelcie could join us to watch the kids. The ceremony was wonderful and it was so nice to be in the temple during the holiday season. While waiting for the couple to come outside, my kids found the only patch of snow and played and played!!!
We froze everytime we got in the car. 
After taking pictures we made a quick stop at Cabela's to see the fish and all the animals. The kids had a great time getting out some energy before we went to the luncheon.
The luncheon was at an old church in American Fork called the Hampton House. The food was so delish and my kids enjoyed all the mini-desserts. We also danced, ran around, got kicked off the piano, did a little Dj-ing, and caught the bouquet
We also had Brady's dad snap a few family photos. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at Tuacahn

A few weekends ago we were able to go see the Live Nativity out at Tuacahn with our friends the Brinkerhoff's. We started out the night taking goofy pictures and then we met up for pizza before and then headed for Ivins. 

It wasn't to chilly, but we got all bundled up. The kids had fun talking silly pictures in the cut-outs. Then we waited in line for Santa, which Cooper wanted no part in. Next, Ellie rode on the swings and Coop got a ride on the barrel train all by themselves. 
Then we went to Ellie's favorite part of the night the nativity. It was so quiet and nice. The kids loved seeing the donkeys, sheep, goat, and the hightlight 3 camels. It was nice to take some time to really remember the true spirit of the holidays.  I think it is going to be a new family tradition for December.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And the Holidays Begin...

When the kids got back from Thanksgiving our elf, Duncan, was here to greet them, with new PJ's and the movie, ELF. The next morning we found him enjoying our leftover popcorn and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!!

We also had the tree up and the kids had so much fun decorating it. We just had to fix a few, but since then I can't tell you how many times Ellie has moved things around. 
Coop and I spent some time at the mall waiting to pick up the girls from school. Santa had already arrived, but there was no way Coop was going near him. He walked as far away as possible and kept his eye on Santa so much that he ran into a few ladies at their booth. Luckily, they thought he was cute. So we rode on some of the toys instead. 
Grandma Haycock came to visit. On Saturday we headed up to Cedar for the blessing of Kam and Cami's little girl Joie. She is so adorable and looks just like the other 2. However, this is the only picture I managed to take. The kids sat and played on the itouch and the parents enjoyed a nice lunch without much interruption. 
Ellie loved the snow and really wanted to make a snow angel at Aunt Char's but it was far to cold and we lacked the right attire. While there I asked Ellie if she'd like to live where it snowed and she said no i like st. george, it's freezing here!! Glad to know I'm raising a desert rat like her mommy!!!!
Cooper enjoyed licking the bowl on Grandma's fudge.
The next day he snuggled right up early so he could get even more.
We made another trip to the mall with Grandma. Ellie climbed right up on Santa's lap and asked him what is favorite cookie was. His answer, "Pumpkin, but i really love all cookies, especially chocolate chip and oreos!!!" Cooper on the other hand would let me hold him about 5 feet away and when I sat him down to pick something up he took off for the safety of Grandma and the stroller. We also got to ride a few more rides. 
I had to run into a quick blood draw, so Grandma took them across the street to see the Nativity at the temple. On their way back they found some leaves and enjoyed playing in them and burying each other. 
We loved having Grandma come visit and we missed her as soon as she was gone. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

A dog named Moto

Back in November my sister-in-law called and said that if we wanted their dog, Moto, then he could be ours. My kids had loved playing with him before and we had discussed a dog many times before so we thought okay. We decided to surprise the kids and drive down to pick him up. 

He was a little restless in the drive up to Saint George and Coop didn't appreciate where he wanted to go!!!
Ellie loved Moto right from the beginning, we had always thought Moto would be Coops buddy, but he was Ellie's. She helped to feed him, take him outside, and rub his belly. He was such a good dog, but after a couple days we learned that Coop was allergic to his saliva, he would break out wherever he was licked and we had to sell him. 
Ellie was so sad and she still likes to look at his pictures and talk about him. I guess dogs just aren't going to be in the cards for this family. Here is another cute pic of El and Coop ready to head to Orem for Thanksgiving. Ellie made her little pilgrim hat at Preschool that day. 

November in Pics

November seemed to fly by, but we were still able to have some fun during the month...
Ellie and ALL her friends went out shopping with us, Minnie even knew to buckle up.
Ellie and Cooper getting their homework done.
Movie Time
We went to the Desert Hills vs. Cedar semi-final HS football game at DSC with the Beckstroms. It was so fun and the first game for both our kids. Ellie and Jackson had a blast dancing with the band.
Dad and Kid date night at Menchies
Coop and I had a lunch date at McD's while waiting for the girls to finish up at school.
Mom learned to do some braids.
Cooper was so grumpy one day, he literally threw a fight at the bottom of the stairs, because his MOM wouldn't carry him upstairs. 
and We got our Christmas lights up!!!