Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Very Merry UNbirthday!!

After our return from Las Vegas Ellie was feeling very left out of the birthday scene. Her BFF, Abby had a birthday in March and then Ryker's and her's is still months away. When she woke from her nap she wasn't to happy I couldn't talk any sense into her so when Brady came home he went in to talk to her. They came out and told me we were making cupcakes for Ellie's birthday. 
Brady and Cooper made a trip to the store for cream cheese, cupcake liners and you can't have a b-day without candles, while Ellie and I made the cupcakes. 
Finally a happy girl, boy, mom and dad having a little extra treat in the middle of the week. The only downside, she wanted to know where her Rapunzel Tower was after eating her cupcake. I told her she'd have to wait for her next birthday:)

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Next Reed Haycock

Cooper has been fascinated with drums for quite awhile now, banging on anything he can. That is how he actually stayed in the nursery the entire time 3 weeks ago, the leaders had some bongo drums!!! Cooper first learned of the drums from my nephew Reed who plays the drums quite well and whenever we head to the Haycock's house Cooper's first stop is downstairs. Ryker also has a small set and Coop loves them too!! Grandpa gave him some "sticks" last weekend. Here is a few tidbits of his musical talent...
 Cooper needs constant support and encouragement so Grandpa is on one side and Uncle Chris is on the other cheering him on in the videos.  
He is also a reader if he could just figure out how to hold the book. 

Rykie Dougie's Birthday!!!

Last week we went to Las Vegies (as Ellie now calls it) to celebrate Ryker's 4th birthday and visit with the Fisher Clan. We had so much fun playing all weekend long my kids were worn out for 2 more days once we made it home. 

Saturday night I was lucky enough to get to go play with the big kids, thanks Mom for watching my kids. We headed to the Strip to do the touristie stuff. By the end of the night I was so tired I realized I am OLD!!! I had a great time eating great food, listening to my niece go on about the craziest stuff, and counting how many men had on black button up shirts with my nephew, I think it is the new Vegas dress code or maybe it has been for awhile I just didn't know.
Here's a pic of my cute niece Chelcie and her BF Zane.
Here is Alex after learning it is Not WIll Ferrill singing the song at the fountains and her brother Rich, 
Could they be standing any farther apart and still be in the same pic???
Sunday was the family party, Ryker had a great time opening his gifts and then he couldn't wait to get home to play so the cousins all got to enjoy the new toys too!! Cooper, Will, and Ryker had a great time with the monster truck toy Ellie gave him. The night before on his way home he told Kellie "Hey Mom we forgot to get that monster truck thing from Ellie today!" Oops i guess that's the last time she goes shopping for presents!!
He also Loved the Zurg gun Alyson gave him... his voice seriously went up an octave when he saw it, i didn't get that part, but here is a little bit of his excitement with the gun. I love Will's reaction and Cooper just wants to get his hands on it 2. 

We also enjoyed cake and ice cream in the park, it was nice weather except of the wind. 
Tuesday was the friends party and we had a great time, even if we were a little tired and grumpy. Stephen and Rich had decorated Alien cupcakes that were so cute and there was a bounce house in the backyard to enjoy. I wish I would have taken a few more pictures.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally working on that TO DO List

We got Spring Fever the day after St. Patricks Day and decided to decorate for the Easter Bunny!! 
After finishing we needed a little extra cheering up on the door so after afew attempts I ended up with 2 wreaths, one for the front door and one for the shelf inside.
I wanted to make this, but was inspired here
when that idea went south
 The subway art came from here and 
is free to download and print
Since the bunny decor is up Ellie can't wait for the Easter Bunny and asks if he has come every morning, and I have to sadly tell her not today but soon!! 

And lastly I have wanted a Menu Board for awhile and since we aren't eating out as much anymore I thought it would inspire me to plan and cook more. So  I took the old picture in the kitchen added vinyl and fabric and made this. 
Cooper was very helpful and handy at helping me remove the cardboard backing and removing all the staples:) He is very into tools and figuring out how things work.
 This picture is Ellie and her friend Lauryn, their favorite thing to do here is play dress up!!