Monday, December 13, 2010

One of Ellie's new favorite things is playing games on the computer. She can open the internet and pick the bookmarks we set up to get to Playhouse Disney, Disney Princess, and the PBS website. She is pretty proficient at the mouse and is getting so smart at all the games. I will often pass the office and hear her singing along to the Princesses or AlphaPIG. However, this is how we found her the other night when she wanted

Leaves are Falling

Between the time we hung up our Christmas lights and the Mohler's leaving from Thanksgiving all the leaves on our tree fell, and I'm sure you know what that means....
JUMPing, THROWing, and all around GOOD TIMES!!!

Who needs SNoW!!

After a little black friday shopping
and early Christmas presents 
The kids had a blast playing with the trash, 
courtesy of NordicTrack and Aunt Nannie:)
At least someone got an after turkey day workout

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Photos

This post is a long time coming, but i had to get Christmas Cards out before i could post the pics from our latest family photos. A big thank you to my friend Monica!!! 
She took our family that was a little moody and exhausted from a Ragnar weekend and gave us some great shots. 
 I love Coopie's face in this and Ellie's pout!
The only downfall was the laundry i had to do afterwards...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Last week we were lucky enough to head to California with my family for a few days. We drove down on Sunday morning and stopped at the CHAPARRAL motorcross store. Ellie and Cooper loved climbing on every bike in there and Ellie picked out the Razor that she would like for Christmas, however, Dad would prefer this...

Then our family, Aunt Nannie, and Jordan headed to the beach. It was cold and windy, which Cooper didn't mind. Ellie fell in the water and was over the beach after a few minutes.

We finally made it to the hotel, changed into warmer clothes and headed over to Downtown Disney to play and wear out our kids. We played a few games at ESPN and then spent a good time kicking up our heels with one of our favorite bands.
Monday we spent the day at Disneyland and rodes tons of rides.  We discovered Ellie was just tall enough to ride some to the BIG rides, so her Dad took her on the Matterhorn, which she loved 4 times, Big thunder railroad which she didn't like, and Splash Mountain. I think she was pretty tired then and didn't really get how scary it was, but she sure did look cute in my to big rain jacket!! Her and Ryker loved the maps this time and wanted to know where we were at all times. We even brought home a few that Ellie still plays with.
Tuesday we explored California Adventure where the BIG rides continued with Soarin California. Ellie was pretty cute high up in the air with just her toes hanging off the seat. Brady tried to talk her into Tower of Terror, which Ellie refers to as Tower of Scary, butwas unsuccessful.  We also got to watch the World OF Colors!! We loved the show and i would have loved to see it again, but we never made it back the next night. 
Wednesday we spent the day in the park with the Mohlers. Ellie and Ryker rode plenty of rides together and had a great time discussing everything Disney. We rode the monorail and went through Pixie Hollow. Ellie was decked out in Tink and couldn't wait to met her again. We spent the rest of the night in ToonTown playing in Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald's houses.
Thursday we went back to the park and rode ALice a few times then went down and met the princesses before the line got to long. Due to Veterans day the park was packed and our kids were grumpy so we left and took a long drive up to see the LA Temple. The kids got out and explored the grounds and then we got back in and the kids slept the whole way back to Disney. We walked back over to the park and went to the Princess Coronation where Ellie was able to dance with Snow White. Then we waited around a few minutes and the princesses came back out to met the kids. Aurora asked Ellie if Cooper was Dopey and we corrected her and said he was Grumpy. Then Ellie showed Cinderella that she was on the bottom of her shoe. When it came time to  talk to Snow White she told her about her cape and that she lived in St. George, Snow knew it was in Utah and said she would love to visit there sometime. Ellie loved all the attention and was so excited to met 6 princesses this trip. 
Small World had been closed all week so they could finish the Christmas decoration, but they opened a night early and we were able to ride it during the parade while the line was short. Ellie could barely sit down the entire ride and Cooper just bopped his head to the tunes and tried to take it all in. The kids then picked out a toy and we said good-bye to Disney for awhile. We have loved all the time we have spent there this year and can't wait for another trip.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Ragnar Experience

Apparently i have turned into a crazy person lately, for instance, who would want to sign up to get up at 3:15 am, run 3 times in 24 hours, on no sleep, while cheering on the other 5 people in your van and countless other runners through the middle of nowhere, and to top it off paying for that pain??? ME!!

All kidding aside i had an awesome time at this years Ragnar LV. I have been interested in it since my cousins did it last year. So at the beginning of the summer i laced up my shoes and started preparing a few other races came along, but this was the one that started it all.  The original plan was to have Brady run with me, but after his foot issue he had to drop out and my friend, Rebecca, joined the team, i don't think she knew what was coming and i had to ask her after each leg if she hated me yet.

Our experience started with a team dinner Thursday night hosted by our fabulous team captain Toni and was a delicious carb fest!!! We also decorated and packed up the cars with food and supplies for our journey. Then it was home and off to bed.

The alarm went off at 3:15 to meet up with the rest of Van 1 and head to the start line. I was runner one and after check in, safety meetings, getting all my gear on, and the essential photo op i was being called to the start line. It was pitch black at 6:15, but about 15 minutes into my run it was light and the weather was perfect. When the gun sounded i quickly made it up the rocky path and onto the road headed out of Valley of Fire towards the lake. My first run was 5.6 miles and i felt great i passed most of the people on the path and only had 2 people pass me during the run which i was pretty pleased with. I finished in about 55 minutes and then i got to relax as the rest of my team geared up for their runs. We finished at Calville Bay and hung out with Van 2 as we waited for my sister to finish her run and hand off. 

We then drove to a teammates for dinner, showers, a flushing toilet, and rest. Unfortunately Linda hadn't been feeling great during the first leg and she felt even worse during our rest, she tried to push through her sickness thinking it would pass and joined us at Lake Las Vegas for the hand-off.  My next run 3.5 miles started around 5 and went through Lake Las Vegas and over to Lake Mead BLVD., it was so pretty and quiet, i passed the spot i took my bridal pictures and that kept my mind busy for awhile, i then came to a path and it was uphill and had a huge head slowed me down greatly but seeing my kids at the top running around with the energy i wished i had kept me going. Ellie gave me water and ran with me a little ways so that was fun. Another leg down and only one left was my mindset at this point, until Linda sickness had worsened and there was no way she could do her leg. So Rebecca and i split up her 3 mile run in half and each took a piece. It was dark and i really had no idea where i was going but i was glad to help out and stretch my legs a little. Michelle rock stared through her 8 mile run and then it was off to our next pit stop and sleep. 
Good Springs, NV was where we would start out next portion of the race and we were one of the first teams to arrive. After checking out the wet grass and the freezing temps we all opted to sleep in the suburban. I had no problems falling asleep and got in a few hours before my wake up call that told us Kade had about 2 miles left and i should get ready: the time 4 am. My last run was suppose to be 3.5 miles uphill, but since Linda was out i was going to run as much as of the next that i could then Rebecca would jump in. I started off feeling pretty good and managed a good pace but 2.5 miles up that hill i was so done and i was walking. My van and stopped at about mile 3 and cheered its just around the corner we'll go wait and tell them you aren't stopping. Well i got to the corner and i saw the steepest hill i had ever seen, it was like 3 foremasters in a row only steeper. I kept thinking i should have trained on that hill like Brady recommended but i didn't and i was paying for it.  As soon as i hit the top i started running again and it didn't take long to get back in the groove and i knocked out the next 3 miles at 9 minutes each. I just kept thinking if i finish this one my team won't ask me to run again!!! About 100 yrds. left to the exchange i could hear footsteps behind me and i was not about to let someone pass me at the end of my Ragnar so i seriously sprinted to the finish line:)
By my sister, Natalie's, last run we were all pretty tired and delirious so it began to be fun to nickname runners and we even found a blossoming romance along the way. It was also nice to see my brother in law Dave along the route, they started about the same time as us and we were still pretty close together during our last legs. After our team was through we headed over to smashburger and einsteins for some food, then to Natalie's for a shower and rest before crossing the finish line. Brady and the kids met up with us again and it was great having them come to the end. I loved every minute and can't wait to do it all again next year.

When it's 2 hot outside...

Who needs a jungle gym when you have this in your front room...
Ellie was a pro, but Coop kept getting stuck in the bars.
We also believe in safety first!!

Life is a PICNIC

Our last visit to Las Vegas included a kids and Grandma only picnic with Ryker. He had been planning it for awhile and was very excited about it. Well when they came to visit last week Ellie returned the favor. At Costco Ellie informed me we needed Animal Crackers for the picnic, they also loaded up on JELL-O, yogurt, crackers, and Root Berry. Abby was also lucky enough to get an invite as well. 
What picnic doesn't end in ANT stomping
and playing in the sand box!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Princess and her FROG!

Ellie had wanted to be a witch for Halloween so we put together a cute costume and she was happy with it at our ward Carnival Tuesday night. However, once Aunt Tami came down and made her a NEW and FANTASTIC Snow White cape that was the end.
Cooper was just happy like usual and loved his frog costume, except for the no hands part
A quick photo op before heading down the street
Our first doors... Ellie liked to show what she got each time and then would say "To the Next House"
Cooper's favorite part of the night...THE CANDY with or without the wrapper!!!
Ellie loved most of the house except for the 'spooky ones,' this one had fog, music, and crazy lights...
She was almost too scared of the scarecrows to make it through for a full size bag of M&M's, but with some help from Mom she DID IT!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


One of our Halloween traditions is visiting Staheli Farms every October, this year was no exception. The Mohler family came up a few weeks ago, but we were rained out so they came up Wednesday for hopefully a successful round 2. This time they also brought the Grandparents...
The kids loved the whole place but Rykers favorite by far was the Rubbber Ducky Races....
Coopers LEAST favorite was the ride in the barrel, i thought he might jump out even with his death grip around the edge i just hope he is not to scarred...
Ellie LOVED taking a ride on her very own HORSE...
Here are a few of the other highlights, sorry about the pic overload i took way to many and they all turned out so cute...
The petting zoo, all the kids wanted in the pen with the goats...
Pumpkin Patch, Grandpa got tired of carrying them all so he used the stroller instead...
PlayYard, that tractor was a hit and so were the swings...