Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Half!!!

On Friday, August 27th Brook, Chelcie and Natalie decided to all try to run their first half-marathon... 13.1 miles of running.  They chose the Mapleton Moonlight Half-Marathon up Hobble Creek Canyon.  The premise of the race was to crown the person that finished the closest to midnight the champion. 

All runners were given the freedom to choose when they would like to start anywhere from 8:00 pm to 10:00pm and there were specific instructions to not use watches.  The starting point was at Jolley's Park, 7 miles up Hobble Creek Canyon.  The plan was to start at 9:00pm sharp, however with the unpredictable rain storms and some persuasion from Natalie the crew started at 8:26 in a break of the showers.  All three completed their race between 11 and 11:30 and I couldn't be prouder of them.  Especially my sweetheart Brook!!!  Way to go ladies!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Auntie Kim Comes to Visit

A few weeks back we got a text from my sister saying they were heading to Vegas for a few days and we should come down to visit. Well, after quickly rearranging our schedule we were able to spend a few days with my family. Here are a few highlights of the trip:
*Going to see Toy Story 3 with Kim, Nate, Cody, and Grandma!!! and then hearing Ryker tell us he was going to cry at the really sad part which to him was when Woody was heading into the furnace, not the end where Andy gives away his toys:)
*Swimming at the Haycocks and eating Pizza!!
*Eating at Macayos, I still love that place!!!
*Helping Rich and Nate think up ideas for their Senior Cruise Party, my vote is still for McDreamy and George!!
I love this pic of Cooper, enjoying his crazy bread!!
Here is a pic of most of the cousins, I love that Cooper wants nothing to do with the pic and then when Aunt Amelia interfers...
more TEARS!!!
And here is a video of my fearless nephew Will!!
And hanging out with our cousins:) We will sure miss them!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A small Miracle!!

Ellie has had a hard time going to the nursery the past year due to 1 o'clock church and her need for a nap. Most days she cries and doesn't want to go in at all, but after a couple minutes she is just fine. 
However on her birthday Ellie said, "Mom I am 3 now", and she walked right down the hall, no tears, and into the class and has been an angel going every week since then. Hooray!!! She is quickly on her way to being a reverent SUNBEAM!!
and in other church news we only have 3 months left til Cooper joins the little nursery!!! I won't know what to do with myself at church!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Every turn should be MY turn

Getting the scooter out of the garage
Ellie enjoying her first ride
Cooper eagerly getting on 
 and going
 The fight to trade riders
 Cooper wasn't giving up without a fight
 Running to catch up
 Not happy they left him
 Happy once again..

Friday, August 13, 2010

SpudMan & Park City

A few weeks ago we went up to, as Ellie calls it, THE Pocatello. To visit Brady's sister, Holly and her family. We had a lot of fun despite the crazy afternoon thunder storms. We ate a lot of ice cream, did a little shopping, went to the park, got snow cones, played with tons of fun new toys and cousins, and enjoyed our first SPUDMAN experience. 

Friday night Brady and Dave headed out to Burley to get things set for the triathlon and spend the night. Brady couldn't believe all the people that were camped out at the golf course and described it as tent city. Holly, the kids, and I drove out early the next morning. We made it in time to see Brady and Dave come in on the bike and both finish the race. The finish line was on one of the greens and totally marked off so the kids could run all over the soft grass. Ellie and Cooper were in heaven and so was there mother not trying to keep them out of the lanes. Brady and Dave both did an awesome job and are already looking forward to next year. 
 Since we had such a long drive home we decided to stop and stay in Park City on Sunday night. The kids had a blast swimming both days and with their floaties are turning into quite the little fish. We ate dinner at the Red Banjo and enjoyed a walk up and down Main street and did a little retail therapy at the outlets. 
 I think this might become an annual trip and I couldn't be more excited about it, if only it was a few hours shorter:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st Haircut

I have been dreading the first real chop of Ellie's hair. When we cut off Cooper's he became a little boy and I was afraid Ellie would look so much older. Fortunately that wasn't the case and she just looks adorable:

I didn't think she would appreciate a shampoo, so a squirt bottle was used instead....
The first cut...
Halfway through and now bribing her with candy to sit still...
The aftermath...
and the last cuts!!
A big thanks to my niece Chelcie she did an awesome JOB!!!