Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coop's Actual B-day

On Coop's birthday we had a lot of fun with the Mohler Crew. Cooper enjoyed the morning playing with his new toys and taking silly pictures of Alyson!!!

We first headed to the dinosaur museum, I can't believe that we have lived here for 8 years and had never been. The kids loved every minute of being there and we learned a lot. We saw all sorts of teeth, bones, and footprints. We tried to take a bunch of group shots, but a kid would not be looking or turned around in each one. After that we headed to McDonalds for a kids dinner. They loved playing and wore themselves right out. Each time we drive past the museum the kids beg to go inside. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cooper Turns 3!!!

Cooper's birthday was a little hectic this year. I was planning on having a big H2O bash, but due to a little appendicitis things changed and we went with a Cars party. He invited a bunch of cousins and friends over to play, eat cake and ice cream, and open presents. They had a blast and he loved it. The highlight was the cake from Harmon's he had to show everyone as they arrived how awesome his cake was.  

Weekend in Orem

We spent a few days in Orem in June, Brady had a few meetings and we also had to drop off Ellie for her week long adventure. 
Friday we explored a new park

Found Menchie as we waited to have lunch with Mace

played Grandma's piano
ate the BEST chocolate cake from Magelby's

and had an early Birthday party for Ellie Chase

My week with Coop

Ellie is lucky enough each summer to spend a week with her Aunt Tami. This year she went in the middle of June which meant me and Coop had a fun week of playing. 
We took some fun trips to Target
We took up some girls and a trailer to Girls Camp. Coop was kind of shy to start with, but then warmed right up to the girls. 
We tasted and LOVEd his first Brad's taquito and of course a tasty twin twirl!!!
We picked a bunch of stuff from the garden!!
and Coop taste tested each item:)
and we got lots of snuggles from our Daddy!!!
Saturday we had a big yard sale and Cooper was very helpful pricing all the items. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chelcie's Shower

We headed down to Vegas at the end of JUNE to celebrate my niece Chelcie having a baby. We had so much fun while we were there including checking out the Mohler's new digs and playing a little Dance Party.

Ellie got her hair chopped, i mean cut:)

We took a lot of silly pics...

and partied with the cousins we don't see as often. 
I love that Coop is such a ladies man.
I wish I had taken some pics of the cute onesies that everyone brought to represent themselves, but apparently we didn't!! She did get some adorable stuff and we can't wait to meet little Jaxson!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

July iPhone pics

 Cooper keeping cool at the Downtown Splash Pad, I love his bootie hanging out of his swimshorts

 The kids trying on Dad's glasses!!!
 After a long day outside while the carpets were clean this is how I found them...
 I just love this face, he was pretending to be a pilot BLASTING off!!!
 Enjoying a little TV at the rehab center

We love America and the 4th of July!!!

We love the fourth of July at our house. 
The night before we had popsicles and watched our Dad light off fireworks.

The next morning we got up early and put out the flags with the YW, decorated our bikes, got on our new clothes, and headed outside for the annual neighborhood bike parade. Ellie and Cooper had a great time getting ready, but Coop opted for the faster wiggle car at the last minute. We also loved having Grandma and Grandpa with us 2!!!!

We went to the BBQ at Dad's work and then topped off the evening with swimming and a more BBQ at the Heine's and fireworks!!!