Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ellie Turns 5!!

Ellie has been waiting FOREVER for her birthday this year. She had quite the list of wants so she was pretty easy to buy for. Grandma Haycock got her a few things the week before and Ellie opened and played with one. However, as soon as we got home she took the other gift and got out a bag and wrapped it up and left it until her birthday. It was pretty cute and took alot for her. 

That morning she got up early and unwrapped her presents before Brady left for work. At first it was just going to be one, but it ended up to be all of them. 

Right before the party we got a package from the mailman and Ellie was happy to see it was for her and even more excited for what was inside. Thanks Lonny and Lisa!!

After a pretty exciting party last year, we kind of took it easy this year. Our house had just gone up on the market so I didn't want a showing messing things up, so we opted for a small gathering at Menchies. We had the Brinkerhoff gals, the Beckstrom boys, and Abby come along. They had a blast running around and eating their yogurt. Ellie loved her presents and has enjoyed them ever since.

After ice cream we headed over to pick up Dad and then to the theater to finally see Brave. Both the kids did great and they loved the movie. A few parts were kind of intense but Ellie keeps asking "when can we own that one?" Afterwards she had to pose with a few of the movie posters.

For dinner we went to every 5 year olds dream place, McDonalds for dinner. The Brinkerhoff's joined us and the kids played while  the adults chatted. We ended the evening with a nice swim at the Heines. It was a great day and how in the world do I now have a 5 YEAR OLD!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Posey Lake

The week before the 24th of July my kids spent a few days at the Cabin with my Mom and then we headed over to Posey Lake near Escalante. My kids had a blast exploring the campground and fishing with their Grandpa. 

Ellie quickly caught a fish with some help and Cooper was busy catching seaweed and throwing rocks.

We also went on a little drive and were able to see where my Dad once herded sheep and hear a few stories. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emergency Appendicitis

Wednesday afternoon, May 23rd, we had been over at the downtown water park celebrating the end of school and the beginning of summer. Cooper was running around like a crazy boy and having a ton of fun. Later that day we was kind of being lazy and attributed it to being tired from the sun and water. The Heine's invited us to swim and after a lot of persuading Cooper decided to come. Once there he swam and swam and swam. 
The next day Cooper woke up warm, tired and not really feeling well. I knew a few kids in the neighborhood had the flu and just thought that was all it was. About 8 at night we was getting warmer and had absolutely no energy...here he is all sad and zonked on the floor. 

That night he slept with me and had a fitful few hours, he woke up and sighed a few times. Once he headed back to his room and i fell back asleep. Then he woke up screaming and complaining. I thought maybe he was hungry or thirsty, but he couldn't keep a thing down and threw up the bite of cracker he had. I went down and got Brady up and after much thought and prayer we decided to take him. His heart rate was pretty high and I was just worried. A few phone calls later, a neighbor sleeping on our couch and we were off to the ER.

Once we checked in and moved to our room. Cooper got an IV with fluids and pain medicine. They came to take some blood for test and decide to do an ultrasound to check on his appendix. The ultrasound was fine, but the blood level was high so they decide to do a CATscan. It also didn't show everything, but by 9 am Cooper was headed into surgery for an emergency appendicitis. After the surgery we found out that it had in fact burst and that Cooper was doing fine. I am just glad that Cooper is built bigger and that they were able to do it with just 3 small incisions. We then got an ambulance ride over to the older hospital to the peds wing. I wished Coop felt better at the time, because he would have loved it, but he just wanted out of there and the stretcher

Once in the peds wing, we settled into a quite large and private room. Grandma & Grandpa Haycock were able to visit. Cooper got plenty of rest and enjoyed watching Cars over and over. Once Ellie was able to visit we explored the floor and found the toy room. Cooper and Ellie rode wiggle cars around and played for hours there. Everyonce in awhile Cooper would wear himself out and get pretty grouchy but for the most part he was a pretty awesome patient. 

Saturday afternoon my Mom and niece Chelcie came to visit. Cooper just kept saying, "I hate chelcie, I want Chelcie to go away, I don't like her!" over and over. It was kind of funny, but I felt bad he was so grumpy. Eventually he let her in, but boy was he mad at first. 
He had a pretty quick recovery and we were able to check out Sunday morning and go home. He still walked like a little old man all hunched over and hobbling like his Uncle Shane did, but he managed. We are just so thankful for all the neighbors that helped us with Ellie and took care of our family. HE sure love the little guy and are glad that he was fully recovered and may have more energy now than he did before!!!