Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ellie Turns 5!!

Ellie has been waiting FOREVER for her birthday this year. She had quite the list of wants so she was pretty easy to buy for. Grandma Haycock got her a few things the week before and Ellie opened and played with one. However, as soon as we got home she took the other gift and got out a bag and wrapped it up and left it until her birthday. It was pretty cute and took alot for her. 

That morning she got up early and unwrapped her presents before Brady left for work. At first it was just going to be one, but it ended up to be all of them. 

Right before the party we got a package from the mailman and Ellie was happy to see it was for her and even more excited for what was inside. Thanks Lonny and Lisa!!

After a pretty exciting party last year, we kind of took it easy this year. Our house had just gone up on the market so I didn't want a showing messing things up, so we opted for a small gathering at Menchies. We had the Brinkerhoff gals, the Beckstrom boys, and Abby come along. They had a blast running around and eating their yogurt. Ellie loved her presents and has enjoyed them ever since.

After ice cream we headed over to pick up Dad and then to the theater to finally see Brave. Both the kids did great and they loved the movie. A few parts were kind of intense but Ellie keeps asking "when can we own that one?" Afterwards she had to pose with a few of the movie posters.

For dinner we went to every 5 year olds dream place, McDonalds for dinner. The Brinkerhoff's joined us and the kids played while  the adults chatted. We ended the evening with a nice swim at the Heines. It was a great day and how in the world do I now have a 5 YEAR OLD!!!!