Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Fever

We have been loving the weather lately and are enjoying as much time outside as we can, before the summer comes. Last week we went out to the downtown water park with our friends the Brinkerhoff's. Ellie had a blast running around with the girls, Cooper loved every minute of the water, and Brook and I had a chance to get caught up!!and a few other things...
Cooper trying to get every small crumb out of his chair!
Brady has also been passing on some bad habits to Cooper, I should at least be thankful it wasn't the Dr. Pepper:)
and lastly here is an adorable pic of my newest niece Alyson!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

March Madness

The end of March we spent a few weeks down in Vegas to see my sister, Kellie & Stephen's newest little addition Baby Alyson!!! She is so adorable and looks exactly like her older brother Ryker!!Ellie just loved her and wanted to hold her, which was totally the opposite with Cooper, I guess a few extra months makes a BIG difference.I love this FACE!!!and then just chillin watching Toy Story with Alyson!!
We also did a few other fun things while we were there....
played at Grandma & Papa's House!!swam at Uncle Shane & Aunt Amelia's!!

and went to the children's museum with my teaching
friends Bridget & Tammy
(i wish i would have gotten a pic of all the cute kids)

Friday, April 9, 2010

In My Red High HEELS!!

Back in January when we first got out flyer that she was coming I quickly called Holly to see if they were interested in coming down, especially since Hailey's birthday was just a couple days later. Of course they did and we got on to get tickets!! We ended up on the 6th row right in the middle!!!Then a couple of weeks ago, Brady was talking to one of the therapist at work, who's wife works many of the Tuacahn events to see if there was any way to backstage passes. After a few weeks of not knowing the day before Kevin said he thought that it was going to be possible to do the meet and greet. I think Brady was just as excited as we knew Hailey would be. So the girls got down Thursday afternoon and Hailey was busy thinking of how she wanted to word her sign, by then I knew what was going to happen and it was hard to not say much!! She also wanted to make one for Brady!! We told her the concert started about half an hour earlier so she wouldn't wonder why we had to leave so earlier. Luckily she was so engrossed in looking at the t-shirts, she didn't notice Brady sneak off to the ticket booth. As she was getting her shirt he came up and handed her the wristbands and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She totally freaked out, jumping up and down and telling us we were the best Aunt and Uncle EVER!!!
We ended up only having 3 wrist bands so Brady tried to get a couple more and they said to just hang out with us and it shouldn't be a problem. After getting backstage Brady and Lexi were still without wristbands, but Marty from KONY country kindly gave them his 2 extras and all worked out well. We finally made it to the green room where we got our pictures taken, then a few autographs, and a nice story about how she CAN'T sew!! On our way back to our seats the nice Ivins police officer also let us take some pictures in front of her bus!!
The rest of the concert was great, she was totally hilarious!! Hailey had made Brady a sign that said KISS ME YOUR HOT!! So when Brady held it up she read it, laughed and said "is that your wife sitting with you! Men will be Men and Boys will be Boys." hahaha Then later in the concert Hailey held up her sign during a time when she was just chatting away with the audience, Kellie totally remembered her and invited her up on stage to sing Happy Birthday to her!!! What an awesome Sweet 16 Birthday!!!