Monday, March 31, 2008

Hide and Seek??

After getting Ellie ready for bed tonight, I just left her in her room to follow me out the door, well tonight she stayed behind. She was playing in the doorway, going from the guest room and back into her room for awhile. I got dinner going and noticed after a few minutes that it was unusually quiet back there, I went to go find her and there she was hiding in her closet under the shelves. She fit perfectly and was loving hanging out there.

Monday Makeover

Today I got my hair done and I went for quite a drastic change. I could no longer handle Ellie using my hair to pull herself up or to just get closer to my face. SO, I cut off a ton of length and added red and blonde highlights.

Celeb Soulmates

Take the Quiz

Take the Quiz

I saw this on Lesley's blog and thought that it was pretty funny! Brady was quite excited about Eva being his soulmate, considering we did see her in the lobby of our hotel in Hollywood.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Flashback Friday - Easter Tradition

As a child my family along with all my Mom's sisters and their families would go to Coral Pink Sand Dunes for the holiday. The Easter bunny would come by our campers and tents early Saturday morning with new sand toys and candy. We would have a blast riding around the campgrounds on our bikes and climbing up the dunes. Then Easter dinner would consist of dutch oven and smores around the campfire. We still continue this tradition, however, last year it was at the dry lake beds. We also still manage trips to the dunes in the spring and fall and look forward Ellie enjoying this family tradition.

Logan, Trax, Ryker, and Ellie (September 07)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Tonight we put Ellie to bed and as soon as I put her down she quickly sat up in bed. Well, I figured she was tired so I just left her expecting her to fall asleep on her own. As we were watching TV you would hear a sound occasionally from her room, but she wasn't crying. Well about 15 minutes later my Mom called and I had left the phone in Ellie's room, I quietly opened the door expecting to see a peaceful sleeping child, WRONG! This was what I saw only with a huge grin on her face, like HI mom I have been waiting for you!

Needless to say a little snuggling and 30 minutes later my Ellie finally turned into that peaceful sleeping child.

"Egg"citing Easter

Things were pretty low key at our house for Easter. Brady and I were asked to speak in church so much of the weekend revolved around us trying to finish our talks. I have had a cough and sore throat for the past few days and Friday Ellie started getting a runny nose, I assumed since she doesn't have teeth that was what it was. Well later in the day she started coughing and by Saturday morning she was one sick little girl. Her spirits were still high though, it's like she didn't know any better. This morning we got up and fed Ellie and then quickly had a look at what the Easter bunny had brought before church. She got a few new bath toys, some bubbles, Shrek snacks, and a new stride to ride lion. Our talks went quite well and church and our Bishop even asked us to speak at the convalescent center next Sunday. We came home to a not so traditional Easter meal of tri-tip steak, which was delicious. The rest of the night Ellie played with her toys in the bath and playing with the lion. Ellie loves it and by the end of the night she was getting pretty brave at walking with no help behind it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hasta La Vista Don Jose

Today is a sad day at the Flygare house, one of our favorite restaurants is closing its doors tomorrow. So for lunch Brady took Ellie and I to Don Jose for one last meal. Our fave is the vera cruz chicken, I am sure many of you have tried to make it with Pepsi, but I haven't tasted anything that comes close to it. However, I can honestly say that I don't go there for the food, half as much as the CHIPS AND SALSA!!

Flashback Friday-Our First Official Date

The first time that Brady and I met I was on a date with his roommate and he was on a date with my old college roommate. I was living in Vegas and they were in Springville, so after the date I didn't think much of it. Well a few weeks later my friend Bonnie called to see if her and a few friends, including Brady, could come down for the John Mayer concert in February. Of course I agreed who didn't like concerts. That weekend we all had such a blast doing all the Vegas things and after a year of back and forth dating we got engaged and married.

Happy Anniversary!

So this Wednesday was our 3rd anniversary. Things were pretty low key. Ellie and I went and did some work on the DME business in the morning and ate BBQ with Brady for lunch. Then that night Brady took Ellie and I out to our favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse. If you haven't been yet, you should definitely try it out. Then we came home and got Ellie feed, bathed, and put to bed and watched Dan In Real Life. I loved this movie in the theater, but when we sat down to watch it I had forgotten so much of it, but it was still hilarious. Steve Carrell is hysterical in anything and I can't wait The Office is back in like 2 weeks (YEAH YEAH)!!! I also got a huge surprise a new DYSON vacuum. I have wanted one for a long time it turned up on my doorstep a few days early, but it is amazing. I vacuum quite a bit and think my floors are fairly clean, well I can't believe what it pulled out of my carpets.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GO Rebels!

Last Saturday was a big day in our house. It was the finals for the Mountain West tournament, Brady's beloved BYU vs. my Rebels. That morning I dressed Ellie in a bright red dress to show her spirit and Brady was not happy about that decision. Well we were busy working outside and running errands so it was late in the afternoon, when I went to get ready for the day. When I came out Ellie was dressed in her BYU football attire and ready for the game. Her red dress had mysteriously disappeared. It didn't matter what team Ellie was wearing her heart was in Vegas and UNLV killed the Cougars and stole away the championship!

So the next part of the story...
The past few years Brady's work has a NCAA basketball tourney with a few dollar buy in. Brady and I have both entered the last few years, which I have done great in. 2 years ago I actually won the entire thing and I have done better than Brady everytime (YEAH)! Which is amazing considering the only team I follow is UNLV and I always put them winning alot and I always have Duke losing. I guess if you are a UNLV fan you would understand, and Brady makes fun of that decision every year, but it always pays off in the end. So wish me luck!!

Let the Babyproofing Begin...

Well it has finally happened and it took long enough, but Ellie is now a crawler. She is still not very fast and she does stop every 3 crawls to sit up and take a break, and clap for herself. However, she slowly makes her way across the room. Ellie is also learning to pull herself up on the couch and she gets so mad when she can't figure it out. Tonight we had to put her crib down a notch, because she moves around like crazy in there. When we go to get her in the morning she is sitting up smiling at the door and when we put her to bed she sits up and stares at us as we walk out the door. (which is a little sad) Her bravery is not limited to the floor, but also the bathtub. She rolls from her front to her back and then sits up and then flops back into the water and laughs at herself only to do it again. It is hysterical!! Her eating habits have also improved and she gets the majority into her mouth not on the table, into her nose, ears, and stomach. We are so proud of her and love watching what she might do next.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Flashback Friday

Since Ellie got pictures taken today I only thought it was fitting to post a few of my own baby pictures. You can take a look and decide if Ellie inherited anything from her mother, except for maybe her chunky cheeks! Plus, can you believe how far back my bangs actually went.

Picture Perfect

I took Ellie to get some Spring pictures today and they turned out so adorable, I wish that I could post them all! She was kind of being a stinker and not smiling nearly as much as she normally does. However,when we started go through the pics there were so many cute ones that it was hard to choose which ones I wanted.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This weekend we headed up to Orem for a full weekend of celebrations. Our drive up was a little long, Ellie had a rough time and wasn't as tired as I hoped she'd be. Friday night Brady's Mom had planned a birthday party for her mom and sister. So the whole family came over for cupcakes and pizza. It was nice to everyone and Ellie was the center of everyone's attention and she was lovin' it!

The next morning Brady, Ellie, and I headed up to Sandy to go to Ikea. We had not been since it opened and I was hoping to find some great deals. The store was huge and would be perfect if you were remodeling an entire room, but we managed to find a few things there. As we were checking out we spotted my niece Chelcie and her Dad, which was a nice surprise!

The reason for our trip came that night as we honored Brady's grandparents at their 65th Wedding Anniversary dinner. All the Flygare's were their and we had a great time hanging out with the family. We ended up leaving a little early and going out to Brady's Aunt's house for the Sims birthday party for their Grandma and Javan. Ellie enjoyed seeing all her aunts and cousins and had a great time playing with the balloons, she even got one as a souvenir.

The next morning we got up and went to church, which came far to early due to the time change. After sacrament meeting we went back and Brady's Mom made us waffles. Then we packed up and headed back to the warmth of St. George. It was a great family weekend and we enjoyed seeing and spending a little bit of time with the whole family.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Flashback Friday - Flip MY House Inside & Out

Brady and I bought our house a little over 3 years ago and when we moved in it needed a total remodel. We pulled almost everything out except for the kitchen cabinets and bathrooms. THe walls and ceiling were a lovely pale purple when we moved in with blue swirled carpet and brown linoleum in the kitchen/dining area. After months of working we replaced the carpet with laminate and tile. We painted the entire house only to find out when they put in the carpets they clashed horribly. So we gave in and hired painters who did the job in 2 days, which took us weeks and weeks to do. We finished the project days before we got married and 3 years later we are starting to think of things to change it up again.

Before the Project

During the Project
Then a few years ago Brady decided it was time to give our house some curb appeal and we totally tore down our front and backyard and rebuilt it entirely. It took a little longer than we thought it would but the finished project is fabulous!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tag...I am finally it!

Ten years ago....
I was 19 years old (boy am I getting old)! I was a freshman at SUU and probably getting as much sleep then as I am getting now, which amounts to not much.

5 Things on my to do list...
1. Finish laundry which I started 2 days ago
2. Wash Ellie's bottles before I go to bed
3. Buy two more Bunko prizes before Wednesday
4. Pack for our rip to Orem Friday
5. Start reading our book of the month
6. Finish up a few scrapbook pages I started this week

5 snack I enjoy...
1. Skittles (the purple bag)
2. SmartPop Popcorn
3. Almonds
4. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
5. Pina Colada Slurpee's

All the places I have lived...
1. Las Vegas, NV
2. Cedar City, UT
3. Draper, UT
4. Saint George, UT

If I suddenly became a billionaire I would...
I have to agree with Lindsey what wouldn't I do, but I guess I would start with a new fully redecorated home, travel, donate to charity, pay tithing, and get a 7-Eleven in Saint George!!

5 jobs I have had...
1. Hotel Management Co., file clerk
2. Meadow Valley Construction, office manager
3. Gap
4. SUU Catering
5. Teacher (Kinder - 3rd)

5 things you don't know about me...
1. I do miss teaching at Arrowhead this can you give up crazy comments from you students including: Miss Haycock did you know your last name was a compound word!!
2. I don't enjoy exercising, but I am starting in order to look good at the beach this summer and lose those extra baby pounds
3. I broke my toe while 7 months pregnant it doesn't bend now!
4. I was in a womens fraternity Alpha Phi @ SUU
5. I love to sing in the car, but can't carry a tune

Tag to Christal, Brook, and Lesley (I know you love these)

Lunch Date

Today we had a big surprise my sister, Kellie, and her family flew into St. George for a lunch date. Her husband, Stephen, is getting his pilots license and needed some hours, so they decided to come for a visit. Brady couldn't get off work for lunch due to a flood in the basement, so Ellie and I picked them up from the airport and went to the Pizza Factory. Ellie was so excited to see her pal, Ryker, they had a great time eating Cheerios and shouting at the restaurant. It was great to see them if only for a couple hours, maybe next time we will get a ride!