Thursday, March 29, 2012


I had heard a few things about The Color Run and then it kept popping up on facebook and the internet so my friend Rachel and I decided to sign up and run with a team my sister Natalie was on. It turned out to be a really fun race and not competitive at all. At one point a group jumped in an empty shopping cart and ran a few blocks:) I think we even passed a few racers and that never happens!!!

 Before the Race
The premise is a 5k and at each 1k you run through a group of volunteer's throwing colored powder at you. It was a little hard to breathe, the purple had a Grape Kool-Aid taste to it and quite a haze, but it was fun. At the finish line they had a countdown then all the participates threw their color packets in the air. It was fun and we came out looking crazy. It was a really fun race and I am so signing up for it again next year.
I got purple powder dumped in my shoe
 After the Race Rachel and I
 Missing our other teammate...Kaden Mitchell
 Natalie, me, & Toni
 A pink bomb went off in my hair, and yes my scalp was dyed pink for a few days, including during my YW's lesson on Obeying your Parents.
 My shoes still color run'd up after a few weeks

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A quick wrapUP of February

 Grandma came to visit and made us yummy milkshakes
 Cooper's favorite flips finally bit the dust
 We went to Grandma's and shared a bed
 Ellie got to go to the Junior High play of Beauty and the Beast, with the Brinkerhoff girls, after she had to get her picture taken with the stars
Ellie learned to play Just Dance Kids
 We threw a baby shower for Brady's niece Jessica
Ellie and Abby overtaking the kitchen with Princesses!!!

iPhone Pics for Jan...

Ellie picking out her OWN clothes
 Cooper helping with the laundry
Ellie's field trip to the LifeFlight Helicopter
 Cooper having a blast with an empty box, he must have played with it til it completely collapsed.
 Ellie falling asleep during a timeout
 Cookies and Milk after church
 Oh the places to go...
 Ellie went on a date to Beauty and the Beast 3D with her Daddy
 More crazy places I've found Cooper

The MOB of Ducks

An afternoon we went with our friends the Beckstroms to feed the ducks. Once we started throwing out bread we were so overcome with the birds. Luckily, they were pretty nice, but by the end the kids preferred the safety of the truck than the ground. 

We also loved spending so many days at the parks, since we have had such a mild winter. I think the FB post that accompanied these pics went something like this, the middle of January and we are in long sleeves soaking up the sun!!!

Big Boy Bed!!!

Cooper's crib had been turned into a day bed for quite awhile now and he was having problems sleeping in his bed the entire night. So in February, we took Ellie's top bunk and moved it to Coop's room. We went to Target and he got to pick out his very own sheets, he choose Lightning McQueen ones from Cars 2. That night we slept through the night and has been great ever since. He loves his new bed and can often be found playing an iTouch in his bed during the day!!! It made me wonder, when did my baby get so BIG!!!!

Riding her her life!!!

Here is a little video of Ellie riding her bike and Cooper chasing after her with his car!!!

It's easier than riding a BIKE!!!

 During January Ellie's BFF Abby learned to ride her bikes sans training wheels, so Ellie wanted to also. One night we took off the wheels and off she went, no wobbles or problems whatsoever!!! 
However, her bike was a little to big to start and stop on, so we got back out the little bike and she has never been happier!! She mastered up and down the driveway. She can go off the curb and down the steep driveway across the street. She has been loving every minute of her freedom. We have only had one crash that left quite the nasty bruise on her hip, but that didn't stop her at all. She has to go out and ride everyday and her bike has no made a few trips to Vegas and Orem!!!