Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you Ready...

Today is Opening Day for baseball 
and we celebrated with hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch!!! and blowing bubbles in the front yard after nap time!
These are from about a month ago, but i thought they were appropriate for today's post too!!Cooper is quite a litle slugger and so is his sister:)
here is a little video of Cooper's swing...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Lucky and Sweet week

March has flown by we've had lots of visitors the last couple weeks and things have been neglected. aka THE BLOG!!
 Ellie loved wearing her Patricks Day shirt and was so excited about the leprechauns leaving us Lucky Charms for breakfast. We also made bright green cake bites to eat while watching the BYU game, we wanted to make the frosting blue, but we were having such difficulty they stayed white. 
That Saturday since we were all in our gear, i had Hailey snap a few family pics, Cooper wouldn't stop pulling funny faces and Ellie just wanted to snuggle, which lead to interesting pis!! We had a great weekend filled with family and lots of junk food. We enjoyed watching everyone get "JIMMERED!!" We were sad when the season came to a close last week, but we won't FREDETTE ABOUT IT" ANYTIME SOON!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trix - aster!!!!

Second guessing his choice of breakfast cereal...
Spending a little time in Time-Out...
2 minutes
Enjoying the same cereal he just threw on the floor...
 Oh the joys of an independent almost 2 year old!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

For Grandpa!!!

 SURPRISE!!! Cooper got a haircut!!!
Saturday, Brady cut Cooper's hair while I was out running for the day. We wanted to grow it out super long, but it was so thick and unmanagable. He ended up just looking like he had serious bedhead or that he was a huge Justin Beiber fan!! Here's a before pic, the tears were from getting a sliver out of his little foot, hopefully you can notice ALL that hair, though!!!

A lot of R & R @ Brian Head

A couple of weekends ago we got invited to spend the weekend with the Mohlers at the condo in Brian Head. I gladly jumped at the chance to sit around doing nothing while Ellie and Cooper had cousins to entertain them during the day. 

My parents came up a few days early to enjoy some HS basketball games in Cedar City, then Staurday night in a huge snow storm we drove up the mountain. I-15 was by far the worse and once we started up the canyon the snow died down a bit and by the next morning it was nice and sunny. 
We enjoyed watching movies, playing games, and eating a ton of food. Ellie and Ryker played so well all day, hiding in their secret fort (behind the couch) and upstairs in the toy room. Cooper was just happy playing on the rubbermaids at the bottom of the stairs with Alyson. We are so glad we got to get away for a few days and hang with our cousins and grandparents. I wasn't feeling to great on this trip so we only have a few pics of the tub adventure (yes, all 4 were in together), an outdoor snow hike, and the kids playing on the deck because noone wanted to take the trip outside:)
 and here is one more of Ellie modeling her new snowboots for the trip!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our last trip for awhile...

At the beginning of February we took our last trip down to Anaheim before our annual passes expired. We left Monday afternoon and stopped in Apple Valley to have dinner with a couple from Brady's mission. It was nice to visit with them and our kids loved their little dog. After our stop we didn't make it down to Disney til pretty late so we just stayed in and went to bed. The next day we were able to make it into the park and ride all of our favorite rides with Dad and Cooper. The park was pretty empty and we didn't have to wait for most of the rides, it was so nice!! Cooper has grown to love Mickey since our last trip and was so excited to meet him again. Ellie even rode the roller coaster with her Dad one last time, although she skipped the monorail, aka the matterhorn, as she calls it. 

We left the park around 5 and headed over to the hotel to get Cooper and Dad ready for their flight. Brady couldn't take off another week of work and I couldn't do the park with both kids alone, so Cooper stayed with Grandma Haycock and Dad went back to work. The kids loved the airport. After checking in we headed downstairs to the baggage area that had a huge John Wayne statue. The kids climbed all over and around it and after about 15 min. a security guard walked over, i thought "oh great our kids are in trouble". NOPE, Cooper had left his beloved blanket on the bench where we had checked in and the security guard that told us to go downstairs to wait had found us with the blanket. I don't think he knew what a life saver he was!!! Finally Grandpa, Grandma Flygare and Aunt Tami arrived, we chatted for a little bit then it was time to say good-bye to the boys and head back to the hotel. 
Brady said the flight was pretty empty and Cooper enjoyed his own seat!! He slept the entire flight and got many compliments on being a well behaved little boy. His Grandma also had a great time with him all week and he enjoyed playing ball, loving on Alyson,and having Ryker calling him his Little Buddy.
Ellie and I had a great next 3 days at Disneyland with the Grandma and Grandpa and Tami. We ate way too much, rode the rides numerous times, enjoyed the small crowds, and took it easy each day. Ellie's new favorites included the TeaCups with Grandpa and Tami, Peter Pan, the Tiki Room with Grandma, and watching Aladdin for the first time. She was lucky enough to talk Grandma into buying her the Rapunzel figures on the first day at the park and played with them each morning and night at the hotel. 
We also got to met a few characters that we had never seen including Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, Tweddle Dee and Tweddle Dum, Captain Hook, Vidia, Rapunzel, Cruella, and the evil Queen from Snow White. Ellie was such a pro and would walk up, turn around, and smile! It was so funny, the Queen commented that she liked that Ellie didn't waste any of her time. As we were walking to CA Adventure one day Minnie was just going on a break, but would be back in a few minutes. Ellie wanted to wait for her so we sat on the street to rest. Once she came out Minnie started walking around the plaza, Ellie ran up to her and she took Ellie's hand and walked with her all the way to the fire station. It was adorable and made Ellie's day. I just wish I had gotten a front view of the picture perfect moment too!!
I love Disneyland and will miss not being able to go so much for a while, it made such a great year of family memories!! and I think we have turned our children into Disney Lovers 2!!