Friday, January 8, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Our family has been going to Brain Head for New Years for quite awhile, however, now that our host is a Cop, we had to find new plans. So we invited Ryker and Kellie up to our house to ring in the New Year. The kids had so much fun and wore themselves out playing for 3 days.

We played with sparklers on NYEve!! Ryker loved it, Ellie not so much!!We watched UP, a few times!! We saw it for the first time that night and we loved it!! Can't believe there is an Ellie in it too!!

Posed for plenty of pics!!Spent way too much time getting acquainted with iTouches & iPhones!!!We even got a surprise visit from our new engaged Aunt Holly, Dave, & Hailey!!! CONGRATs!!!!