Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Road 1 last time

Christmas afternoon, when the kids were ready for naps, we loaded up the car with the rest of our gifts and headed back down to my parents. The whole family eventually made it over, after visiting relatives and seeing a few movies. The kids opened another gift from Grandma and Ellie finally got to see what Ryker was SO EXCITED to give her. (He told everyone he knew about it, including Ellie, luckily she had no idea what he was talking about.)
A SNOW WHITE TEA SET (sorry no pics)
The two had a little party and Ellie can't wait til New Years to have another one, plus I know what Ryker is getting for his birthday!! Do they make a Thomas the Train one????
My dad also opened his gift, we got 3 boxes with a hammock and two nice chairs for the cabin. The boxes were pretty big and took a bit of wrapping paper. Well, the kids put it to good use and piled it up like leaves and jumped in. They also took turns covering each other up with it!!
The rest of the night we ate and visited until it was time for ALL the tired kids to go to sleep.

Saturday morning we headed out to see Ryker's Christmas, play a little Wii, and go out to eat at our favorite vegas spot, Buffalo Wild Wings:) YUMMY!!


Christmas arrived very early at the Flygare house. For not knowing what to expect Ellie sure woke up bright and early at 5 AM. I tried to get her to go back to sleep, but she wasn't buying it! Here is how our morning went...
this is what Cooper thought of the early morning wake up call
Ellie's first glance at her gifts
(she wasn't to sure they belonged to her)
Brady hid my gifts throughout the house
so I had to go looking for them
Ellie made sure to bring Woody & her Princesses along
Coop diggin his new rings
and then opening of the gifts. Ellie got bored half way through and just wanted to play with her stuff.

Santa Claus is Comin to Town

For the first time since we have been married we spent Christmas Eve at our house. With 2 kids it is just to hard to travel with all their stuff!
The day consisted of Brady working half a day, Ellie and I delivering the rest of our cute neighbor gifts, and afternoon naps for both the kiddos. While the kids were snoozin, Brady and I headed out to the garage to finish up Ellie's Santa gift. We were making her a little kitchen out of an old entertainment center, well when we pulled off some of the painter's tape, half the paint came off with it. Instead of trying to fix it poorly, Brady made an executive decision to scrap the idea and head to Wal-Mart Christmas eve:( He ended up with a little kitchen (the last one) that will be fine until we can resand the old one and give it to her later.It was then time to get ready for Christmas dinner, we invited over our friends the Brinkerfoff's. Ellie was so excited to see the girls. They didn't eat much, but they sure had fun running wild around the couch and checking to see where Santa was with Brady. We then hung out and took a few family pics around the tree.
After the Brinkerhoff's left we opened our Christmas eve presents, which included SURPRISE pajamas.

The whole family then climbed into bed to watch the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas (that Brady so kindly picked up at Wl-Mart that day). Cooper was a party pooper and fell asleep in the middle, then it was off to bed for Ellie, so Santa's little elves could get busy putting together a kitchen!!

We sure missed our families, but it was nice to start a few traditions of our own! Maybe next year we will have a few visitors come and stay with us:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

LoTS of TrAVeLiNG & a LiTTle BYU

I can't believe how quickly December came and went at the Flygare house. Be prepared for about 10 posts combined into 1. Here are a few things that we have been up to throughout the month.! We kicked off our month at the Utah vs. BYU game. All of the home games we went to this year, BYU got destroyed so it was nice to see the Cougs get out ahead. Then came the second half and the most excitinge ending we could have asked for!!
We came home got our lights and tree up and then really got in the swing of Christmas. My sister Kim, decided to give us the 24 days of Christmas, so ELlie quickly learned about unwrapping a gift a day. We got all sorts of things from Pirate toys to
holiday wear to bubble bath. We loved it and can't wait to think of something to do with our advent calendar next year.
The second week our family got a visitor from the North Pole, an elf, named Tink R. Elf. Ellie wasn't to sure about him and he got into quite a bit of trouble at our house, but we hope to see him again next year.
The weekend before Christmas it was back up to Orem to celebrate Christmas with the Flygare's. Thursday Brady had to work so Jessica came along with us to see the Princess and the Frog. Cooper was a great movie goer and fell asleep in the beginning and Ellie did pretty well. She loved the popcorn, but would have preferred to watch Snow White!! We ended up leaving 15 minutes early due to the fact Ellie started wondering,
but I was glad she made it that far!

That night we also went to see the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork. Ellie loved them, especially Snow WHite's castle. Sorry the pics for the next few are on Brady's phone and I don't want to wait any longer to post this:(

Friday night was the big Flygare family party. Everyone came over for dinner, a walk down Memory lane, and present opening. Ellie got a huge coloring book that she loves to color in and a Crayola desk that sits right by her dads, where she loves hanging out. By the end of the night we were all exhausted and fell right to sleep. It was a good thing because Brady's grandma throws a huge extended family party and that was Saturday morning.

Our family got there early to help set up the table and get things ready. It was nice to see everyone and catch up on their families. During the party an Elf, that looked a lot like Dwight Shrute, came and made the most fabulous balloon art I have ever seen. Cooper got a baby bottle and Ellie asked for a Tinkerbell and was pretty happy with her, until someone else got a Snow White, well thanks to a nice Aunt that traded with Ellie we took home Snow.
Ellie loved her and carried her around for days.
We came home to celebrate our wards Christmas program and
give the kids a little rest before we were road tripping again Monday. My niece, Chelcie came down and picked us up and drove us down to Vegas (my car had was in the shop) to visit with the family and her Mom, my sister Kim, that came down from Northern Cali for Christmas. Monday night we just hung out at my Mom's for dinner. My kids absolutely adored my Dad's train set. I wish I had a pic, because the would just sit and watch for hours'!!

Right before we left for the game ELlie fell asleep playing on the iTOUCH with her PaPa, i thought it was cute and blog worthy.
Tuesday was the day we had been waiting for since BYU killed Utah, Maaco bowl. Brady's aunt once again came through and got us terrific tickets on the 7th row at about the 10 yd. line. Despite the freezing temps and the hurricane bitter cold winds, the fans were into the game and it was so fun to watch. A big group of my family came to the game with us and it was nice to see BYU beat up on yet another PAC 10 team, despite Kim wearing her bright ORANGE scarf in the midst of the diehard Cougar fans:)
Wednesday Chelcie and I were back in the car and headed towards home
to get ready for the BIG NIGHT!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Move

Cooper has started figuring out how to be mobile. It started out with him perched on this hands and toes and has now advanced to him getting his knees bent and ready to crawl.

He is getting so big so fast!!! I think Santa is going to bring me a full on crawler for Christmas:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here comes December...

I have a few posts that I need to get written before we get to far into December, but I need to learn to transfer pics from my phone, hopefully tonight! PS There are a ton of pics, sorry:)On to this post though. Last week before we left for Thanksgiving we started getting things ready for Christmas. Monday night my parents were in town so we decided to carry up the tree and get it decorated. Ellie was so helpful when putting up the ornaments. She put about 15 ornaments in a 6 inch area. It was pretty funny. She is now pretty good about leaving it alone, except 1 jingle bell that she keeps moving around. So funny.

Since we moved this year, we decide to upgrade our lights and buy some new LED ones. We went to a few places and then decided Costco was our best bet. We had been out a little longer than planned so we stopped at 5 Guys Burger & Fries for dinner. As soon as we walked in I took Cooper and Ellie over to sit down while Brady ordered. A minute later he came over and pointed at a guy by the soda machine and told me it was Luke Staley. I was like okay, I had no clue who that was, apparently he was the greatest BYU running back. He and his family ended up sitting next to us and Brady chatted with him for a few minutes during dinner. I couldn't believe how HUGE his arms and legs were!!! After his short visit Brady was even more pumped for the big game Saturday!!Then Wednesday night we went out and started getting the lights up, we had a few difficulties and ended up not being able to turn them on until we got back home after Thanksgiving. However, Ellie enjoyed herself and was a big help to Brady. As he pulled the plastic bulbs off the string he would throw them onto the grass and Ellie would collect them all in her box! I think she was confusing putting up Christmas lights with collecting Easter Eggs. She is pretty fearless and climbed right up the ladder with Brady numerous times, it made her Mom a tad bit nervous, but she could have cared less. Next year she probably won't be happy until she makes it onto the roof. Cooper just liked the fresh air. Now our house looks lovely and is ready for Santa to come.