Thursday, July 31, 2008

Digital Scrapbookers???

Okay so I have a few questions and I know there are a lot of digital scrapbookers on my friends list, due to the cute headings on your pages. I have wanted to start doing a few pages like this in Ellie's scrapbook and making a cute heading for my blog, but I have no idea where to start. I have found places to get free downloads and paper. So my question is what type of software do you use? Where is a good place to print off your pages? And anything else what would be of some use. Thanks for any advice I look forward to reading your comments.

I was also wondering what company people were using to turn their blog into a book??

Monday, July 28, 2008

And the Stats are in...

Today was Ellie's 12 month check-up. She weighed in at 22 lbs 13 oz. and she is 31 1/2 inches tall. She was over 100% for her height, don't know where she gets that from, neither Brady or me are giants. She also went down for her first nap, without a bottle. Hopefully, we can fully get rid of it in the next few days!!

Ellie enjoying a Sunday afternoon read!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sentimental Sunday

A few days before Ellie's birthday I went through her clothes and packed a bunch away. I also went through her toys and baby stuff and packed them up. Then they just sat in the corner of her room, until Brady could store them up in the attic. Well, today was that day!! As we were getting stuff together we decided to also pack up Ellie's swing. It was a little sad that she is already so big!! Here is look back on Ellie's favorite pastime: swinging!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

I have not been to diligent with these posts the past few months, but hopefully that is over now!Since we were traveling yesterday we didn't do anything spectacular for the 24th of July.
Here are a few pictures of Ellie's first holiday.

California Dreamin PartTwo

Monday morning Brady's alarm clock on his phone woke us up at 5:45 utah time translating to 4:45 CA time!! Ellie woke up and fussed until I made a bottle put her in bed with us where she finally fell back asleep. Well at 5:30 I was still awake so I got ready and went for down to the hotel gym. When I got back I started getting ready, we were suppose to meet everyone downstairs at 8:00 to go to Sea World. Well at 7:40 Ellie was still zonked! I finally had to blow dry my hair I had stalled long enough, the little tyke didn't even budge. Everyone else left us behind and Ellie finally stirred at about 8:15! We quickly got her fed and dressed and headed out for Sea World. By the time we left we had missed rush hour though!

I was a little surprised Ellie with her love for animals that she was just not that into the park. At some of the sights she would rather run around and have Hailey chase her. Not until the evening shows did she even make it through an entire show. It wasn't on purpose that the 2 youngest on the trip wore matching outfits!!

At lunch time Ellie was getting a little tired so we decided to take her back for an afternoon nap. She fell asleep in her stroller and didn't even move when we put her in her carseat. Then we stopped for lunch and put her back in the stroller where she slept soundly. Not until the walk back to the hotel did she wake up!! I guess she was one tired little girl!
After coming back we took Ellie over to the Sesame Street Playground, she had a blast crawling around with the other kids and being free to go wherever she wanted. She did a little better at the night shows and fell sound asleep at Shamu and missed the fireworks. Oh well, maybe next time!

Tuesday was the free day of our trip and we spent the day on Coronado Island. We ate at a little cafe on main street and then went to the beach. Ellie loved playing in the ocean with her Daddy and crawling around on the towels! However,
she HATED the planes from the Navy Base next door that flew over every 30 minutes or so! And the fact that Grandma, Grandpa, and Tami got lost on their way and missed the first half of the beach trip:( I also pulled out my camera and the batteries were dead, so I will have to post pictures once Jessica gets me hers! That night our little family went back to Old Town for some great spicy mexican food and a walk around! We found a great candy shop with the best salt water taffy.
As our trip was winding down we spent our last adventure at the San Diego Zoo. By this time we were pretty worn out and enjoyed most of the animals from the view of the seats on the guided bus tour. We visited the petting zoo and took a trip across the zoo on the SkyTram. Ellie loved peering over the edge at the animals below! However, Jessica took her for a walk on the other side and put her to sleep, so she missed the view on the way back. By noon we were done and headed back to La Jolla with the Johnson Girls for lunch @ Cozymels. The rest of the day we went swimming at the hotel, took naps, and started organizing and packing up our stuff!
That night Holly watched Ellie for us so that we could enjoy a dinner childless! It was so nice of her so we headed back downtown to enjoy fish and lobster. It was so good, we ate right on the water and despite the chilly breeze loved every minute. Then we walked around fisherman's wharf and took a drive along the coast of La Jolla before heading back to the hotel! We loved our trip and had so much fun, we can't wait for the next family vaca!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

California Dreamin Part 1

Disclamer: Sorry about this post and the next few that folow, it is a little long, but I wanted to remember some stories! If you don't want to read it all at least enjoy the pictures!!

Friday morning was the beginning of the Flygare Family vacation to California. It all started with Holly, Jessica, and Hailey driving down to stay with us on Thursday night. Ellie loved having the visitors and started showing off for them with her new dance moves. Friday morning we got up bright and early and headed out to Anaheim. Our drive down was quite uneventful til just past Baker when Brady checks on Ellie and she has poured her entire sippy cup all down her front and was sitting in a puddle of water. She didn't mind it so she stayed that way until Barstow where we got the "emergency" outfit and dried out the seat while enjoying a burger @ In and Out.

We finally made it to Anaheim and Angel stadium for the the Angel/Red Sox game. We got there early enough for batting practice, Ellie was a little anxious so I was worried about the game, but once it started she settled down and enjoyed watching the fans. Luckily, we saw a few great plays, but our Red Sox's got beaten by quite a bit despite our cheers. After the game we drove down to La Jolla and met up with the rest of the family @ the hotel.
Saturday was the reason for our trip, Brady's sister graduated from National University with her Masters in Education. Brady and I got up and drove past Torrey Pines Golf Course, the site of Tiger Woods big win a few weeks ago, and around downtown, so Ellie could take a little nap in the car. After she woke up we walked around the gaslamp district and went to the graduation. Meredith Baxter, the mom from Family Ties, was the keynote speaker and did an excellent job. We sat at the back so that Ellie could wander around. Now that she walks that is ALL she wants to do. However, during one of her breaks she was sitting on the chair between Brady and I and all of a sudden it dumped her out the back and she landed on the floor. She wasn't hurt, just a little startled! After the graduation we went out to eat and Ellie was not a very good girl. She didn't want to sit in her highchair, she didn't want to eat, & she didn't want her parents. She just wanted down, well, at this restaurant it was not really an option, so we spent some time outdoors. At this point we are thinking it could be a long trip!
With a good nights rest we got up early and headed to the Wild Animal Park with the Johnson Girls and Grandpa. It was nice and cool there, Ellie loved the animals. We went inside a huge bird cage and Ellie wanted to take a bird home. She was laughing and talking up a storm to the birds. She also loved the MeerKats and gave them kisses through the glass. She also loved watching the lion cubs wrestle and roar and scare Jessica half to death. Then we went on a tram ride that takes you through an African Safari. It was really cool to see all the animals roaming around together. I was leary about this park at first, but after going I would definitely go back. The animals were very active compared to most zoos and there were lots of trees that kept us cool!
After coming back to the hotel for a little nap time and waiting for the other group to get back from the park he headed out again. This time we went into Old Town to celebrate Ellie's birthday with Brady's family. We ate at Bella Pizza and it was so delicious, except for the chocolate pizza. Hersey bar and cheese do not mix well!! Ellie was much better behaved this time and enjoyed opening her gifts. She got some new clothes, a few toys, a soft cuddly blanket, and a tutu and princess crown. They were all adorable and she loved them. When Ellie got sick of her seat Haily took her on walks. If Haily wasn't with us, I don't know how we would survive, those two are quite a pair and are having way to much fun together!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Terrific Thursday

Before Brady left for work today he asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch, of course I agreed who would pass up lunch. We went to our usually place Bajios! I have been a big fan until I noticed a lot more $$ for less of a salad and no more free meal cards:( I guess we will be hitting up Cafe Rio more often. Anyway, after lunch Brady said he needed to stop by Rebel Sports to pick up something for work. Surprise!! We really went there to pick out some new running shoes for me. I started running a little over a month ago and I am hoping to run more than 2 miles tomorrow in my new shoes. This might not sound like much to you, but this is a BIG milestone. Before this crazy idea I could barely make it a block without dying! Thanks Brady you are the best husband ever & I love them!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh My Gosh Osh Kosh

I found the cutest pair of plaid shorts for Ellie the other day while shopping at Kohls, they were on sale but it still wasn't that great of a bargain. So, today we stopped by the outlet store to see what we could find. Well, they are having a HUGE sale on everything! So Ellie scored some new shorts and a cute new shirt for less than 20 bucks.
I was pretty excited so if you have a store near you, you might want to check out the savings! Here is pic of some of the other stuff she got for her birthday, also courtesy of Osh Kosh!! So adorable!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Run King, well almost!!

Last night for FHE Brady decided we were going to watch the Home Run Derby! One of the ball players was a guy named JOSH HAMILTON, we first heard about him watching the original Flip this House in SC, he was friends with Richard and made an appearance on the show. He was just getting his life back because, he was heavily into drugs and alcohol and had to quit the minor minor baseball league. After that Brady started following him as a player, he has been back in baseball a couple of years. Well last night he hit an amazing 28 home runs in the first round of the derby and didn't even have to hit again until the finals. Well after that amazing performance he ended up coming up a little short and lost the trophy! During his at bats Ellie sat on her Daddy's lap and watched history in the making. I don't know which Brady was happier about the home runs or Ellie watching sports with him!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday in Review

Friday morning Dad got us out of bed rather early so we could open presents before he left for work. At first Ellie just sat and stared at her first gift, not really knowing what to do. See tried going to the toy box a few times, but her Dad kept bringing her back!
She finally got her present open!! but sad news when we unzipped the package the outside of the tunnel was all dirty and gross, obviously someone had used it ALOT and then taken it back! We still let Ellie crawl though a couple of times before it went back to the store with an angry Dad. Now we have to find another one online. At least she is to young to know any better. Next year I am opening things up before I wrap them LESSON LEARNED!!After playing with her tunnel we opened up her gift from Great Grandma Sims, she got a package of the cutest socks from Baby Gap and a dollar bill to spend on anything. We put the dollar in her piggy bank for college. Thanks Grandma Sims we loved the gift!!The rest of the day we played with toys, went swimming with my friend Brook and her daughters at a great pool! THANKS! Then that night we had them over for a BBQ and a little game of basketball. Ellie was exhausted by the end of the day, but hopefully she had a great 1st birthday!!
On a side note she said her first REAL word besides momma and daddy on Sunday morning before church. She said BRADY and then we managed to get a GRANDPA, but that's all and she hasn't wanted to repeat them again:)

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Slurpee Baby!!

This week your Toddler is one! I have been getting weekly emails since I was prego with Ellie and that was the title this week, it changed from this week your baby is. I felt a little sad by that fact and then today is Ellie's first birthday!If you live near a 7-11 have a free slurpee on Ellie - yes thats right they give out free slurpees on 7-11 each year! We are so excited to have her be part of our little family. She is such a sweet and good child, we have definitely been spoiled with her. At her 1st birthday Ellie is quite an active child and doesn't like to sit still much unless she looking at her books. She babbles all day and is saying things like momma and daddy. She is walking and is starting to decide that it is better than crawling. Her favorite toys are her lion, anything in the cabinets, and her new storybook from Aunt Nat. She loves to rough house with her Daddy and is only ticklish on occasion! We love our little Ellie and don't know what we ever did without her!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

BoYs On ThE RoOF!!

My Dad has been repainting the trim on the cabin the last few weeks. So when everyone came up this weekend my Dad had a little job for one of the young men. Nobody expected to see this though.My Dad volunteered Brady, my nephew, to get up on the roof and fix a few nails that had come unscrewed. A few minutes later this is what happened!!

YES that is Brennen tied to little Brady as he climbed the side of the cabin to tighten the nails. We thought it was too funny, even though the boys didn't think it was! Luckily, all turned out well and nobody was injured. I am sure that this memory will be recalled as: remember the time Doug tied us together and made me scale the roof while Brennan kept me from falling off!
After the adventure the boys went shooting while we fixed dinner and then hung out until the fireworks. The kids had a blast wrestling and playing all night. Ellie did get a little fed up with being tackled and would scream if the boys even came near her! Drama Queen already!

Happy 4th & Pre-Birthday Bash!!

For as long as I can remember my mom's side of the family spends the 4th of July in Cedar City. This year was no exception. We meet in front of Steve's Texaco (which is now a Tesoro) to watch the parade. After what seemed like a never ending parade, we headed down the street to the park for food and games. In reality, we spent most of our time on blankets in the shade of the trees. The hamburgers were a little cold and rubbery so my fam headed across the street to Sizzler for the salad bar and AC!!!
After lunch we had an early birthday party for Ellie at my Aunt Char's house. The whole family was in town and with gas prices what they are we thought it would be a great time. We set up a giant slip n' slide for the kids in the backyard. However, with nap times shot for the day and cold water, the little ones didn't really enjoy themselves! Notice the screams of terror in the pics!! After water time we had cake and Ellie opened her gifts!! A big thanks to the family for the new wardrobe and toys Ellie got, she loved them!!

The party ended a little quick, so that the kids could get some sleep before it got too late and the Haycock clan headed up the mountain to cooler temps and a weekend of relaxation!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


My younger sister, Kellie, has finally stopped blog stalking and started her own blog!! Check it out here.

I am sure that this little man will be the star!!

Lions, Tigers, and Kitchen Cabinets??

Ellie is able to get around quite well, she still prefers crawling but could walk with no problem if she would just remember. However, she has her trusty lion that helps her move flawlessly around the house. She can practically run behind it! Her newest adventure is emptying the kitchen cabinets and drawers. It is so funny she will look at the spoon, take a taste, and then toss it over her head and continue until everything is on the floor. Then grab lion and take off to her next destination! These pictures aren't the worst of it, but the only ones I have documented.