Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daddy's Little Helper

A few weeks ago the brakes on the truck needed replacing, so Brady decided to do it himself. Lucky for him he got a little helper!!! 

 Ever since Coop's been carrying around a box of tools, he works on his bike, motorcycle, anything he can find, and mostly he uses them as a weapon against Ellie and Abby.

Sprinkler Fun

My kids love the water!!! And over the years we have gotten a ton of fun sprinkler toys and this summer we have finally put them to use. Here are some fun pics from our summer...

The Slip & Slide
 The Pool and New Lawn Toy with the Cousins & Kaid

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gene Kelly in the Making

Back in June, Ellie went to spend a few days with her Aunt Tami, while she was away I actually got to control the TV a bit. Sunday afternoon I found Singing in the Rain and started watching. Well, Cooper climbed up next to me and we enjoyed a few minutes, well when this little number came on Cooper jumped up on the table no less and went to town. Sorry for the wobbly video, but its the best i could do. 

 The next few weeks he would ask to watching the movie and dance and sing along. After each number he would say "AGAIN." He learned to do somersault, sometimes w/out hands,attempted a few front flips off the end of the couch and to top it off i caught him trying to do a flip off the wall. HAHAHA

Swinging from the Trees!!!

We have only spent a few weekends up at the Cabin this summer and most of them have been spent here...

 Brady decided the Cabin needed a swing so he took matters into his own hands and he bought the stuff and had Shane help him install it. Both Ellie and Will loved it and couldn't get enough. My last visit up she was sadly disappointed that I didn't bring Dad so he could "Swing her SO HIGH!!!" She was so excited to see him a few short days later. She also got to spend a few days with just the Grandparents, she learned to make beds and do dishes without a complaint and loved sleeping on her mattress downstairs on the floor.
One weekend we headed down to Panguitch for a HS Rodeo, the kids enjoyed the horses for awhile, but then had a better time playing on the bleachers and especially the rails.

Friday, August 19, 2011

iPAD Mania

While Ellie was on vacation a few weeks ago and wasn't occupying the iPAD at all the times, Cooper discovered it!!!
Get Away Mom!!!!
 Enjoying a little Toy Story 2 with his 2 best friends
Now whenever I am on it, he jumps right up into your lap and turns off whatever your are looking at and starts up one of HIS games!!!

FORE!!! fireworks, and A Party

Saturday morning of the 4th of July weekend we went golfing with the Flygare's. It was pretty fun to watch the kids with their clubs walk around swatting at the ball. Cooper is a pretty good shot and Ellie loved being the flag girl. Brady golfed really well and I enjoyed driving the cart around. 

Saturday night we headed over to Great Grandma Sim's to watch the fireworks @ Stadium of Fire. The weather was so perfect and the kids loved playing in grandma's yard, eating root beer floats, and enjoying applesauce cookies. They even ventured across the street to the tire swing. But, the hit of the evening were the glow in the dark bracelet's and necklace from Grandma Flygare.
Sunday afternoon we celebrated Ellie and Cooper's birthday. The kids had a great time opening their presents and were quite surprised to find 2 frogs from Holly and Dave, but not as surprised as their parents. Ellie quickly named them Tianna and Navid. Sadly I have to report one of the frogs is no longer with us, but other seems to be perfectly content:) 
Ellie was even nice enough to let Zack and Cooper help blow out the candles:)