Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WhY we LOVE COoPeR!!

Today my baby turned one!! In some ways I can't believe it's already been a year, but in others it seems like Coop has been around forever!! Cooper has been the best baby, he is always happy and rarely cries. He is ALL boy!! He loves the ladies, he is constantly flirting with other older toddler girls. He loves trucks, balls, and being outside. He is a climber as you learned last week, especially into . He loves music and is such a little dancer. He gets into everything, not a day goes by that I don't find a measuring spoon or cup down the hall or in his room. He already has learned how to push Ellie's buttons and as I learned this weekend that will only get worse when they are 9 and 11 (thanks for that advice Vanessa)!! He loves to climb on our stereo in the office and look out the window when I am at the computer. He is his Dad's little sidekick!! He loves food and hasn't met anything he doesn't like. He has 4 teeth with a few more on their way. He has been walking for about a month and wishes that he could already RUN!! He has had 4 haircuts and is in need of another one. He is a great sleeper and takes naps with ease, he has also been sleeping through the night for awhile now!! And his future career...plumber..if you leave the door open, he sneaks in and plays. We sure love Toopie and are so glad that he is ours!!


Kathleen said...

Way to go Cooper!


With LOTS OF LOVE from your Grandma Flygare

Emily B said...

Happy birthday, Cooper! Rebecca has a recital on Saturday, Brook, but we're going to try to come after if it's not too late.

Kellie and Stephen said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! you are the happiest and cutest little guy we know. Love you

The Swan's said...

WE love cooper too! happy birthday!!