Monday, June 28, 2010


Ellie spent all last week up North with her Aunt Tami, she had so much fun and talks about what they did all the time. I will do a post in the next few days after I get a copy of some of the pics. So Tami brought her back home on Friday and stayed for the rest of the weekend. 

Tami had never been out to Zion so we decided to head out there early Saturday morning. With the kids in tow we thought the Emerald Pools hike would be perfect, both kids did great on the way up, we even went up to the middle pools and Ellie loved all the stairs and Cooper loved all the dirt. We had a little snack break and then headed back down the path. About 1/2 mile from the end Ellie was finished, she wouldn't walk anymore and wanted to be carried, Brady had already taken off down the path, so I picked her up and put her on my back. Well, that didn't make her happy either and she ended up crying most of the way back.  After we made it back to the grass she was magically cured and had a blast running around with Cooper. Another highlight was riding on the Zion School Bus and seeing a few Bambi's and Chip and Dale's (i think we may watch a little to much Disney at our house:)!!

On our way home we stopped and had a delicious lunch at the Majectic Inn Cafe. It's a great place to eat if you have a lot of time to waste, they are not the quickest, but the food was super yummy!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

TRI-rific DAD!!

Saturday Brady competed in his second triathlon of the season. He rocked the swim, felt okay on the bike, and then came the RUN!! He has been having a foot problem since his last tri and wasn't sure if he would make the run, but he DID it anyway. He has been having a problem with the top and arch of his foot. He ended up walking most of the six miles,running was way to painful, but we are still so proud of him for his effort and not giving up!! Next up is the SpudMan and hopefully that foot will heal up so he can train for the run and have a great a time in all 3 parts.

We are so lucky to have him as our dad!! 
Happy Belated Father's Day!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memory Monday

It's been a few months since our last trip up North. However, I just got the pictures this weekend, thanks Zach, so that is WHY this post is so late, apparently I only took 2 and didn't think that was enough for a post!The resaon for our trip up North was to see Brady's oldest sister get married, we were so happy for her. Holly and Dave got married and sealed in the Bountiful Temple on April 23rd. It was a wonderful day, despite all the rain!! After the Temple they had a lunch at this cute little historic house, it was gorgeous and had an awesome garden on the side (i wish i could remember the name??) We even got a mini photo shot of Ellie thanks to her cousin Zach. Elie is super excited to have a few more cousins her own age and as we were looking through the pics yesterday we came to Holly's family picture and she said, "Look Mom those are MY BOYS," Dave has 3 boys and 3 girls. I thought it was pretty cute!We are so glad to have the Gardners in our family and can't wait for our first trip to visit them in Idaho this July!!

Ellie also loved the fish that were in the center pieces!! It kept her entertained most of the lunch.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cake for ONE

Cooper waiting patiently...
The first sight of HIS cake... Will helping him blow out his candle... Getting ready to take a bite... Just a bit more... FINALLY!!! If you couldn't tell, Cooper LOVED his cake!!We had such a great time, hope everyone else did too!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cooper's Birthday!!

We are not having Cooper's birthday party til this weekend, but we still thought we would celebrate his true birthday in style. He got up early and got a gift from his dad, a NEW baseball glove and some t-balls, he loved the balls, the glove he will have to grow into that!!
For lunch we went and picked up Dad from work and then cruised to McDonalds for lunch and ate it at the park. We then had time for a quick dip at the waterpark, then we had to get Dad back to work. The afternoon was spent playing with Papa and then a long nap!! Followed by some play time with Ellie and Daddy.Then last night we had a few friends over for brownies and ice cream. Cooper loved the ice cream and ate mine and then a plate of his own. He also got to open his family presents and loved playing with them the rest of the night. Now, if we could only convince Ellie they don't belong to her. He also got some cute new clothes, BYU Scrubs, baseball plates, and socks from his Grandma and Great Grandma. Hopefully, he had fun and we can't wait to party this weekend, and Cooper can't wait to get his hands on his OWN cake:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WhY we LOVE COoPeR!!

Today my baby turned one!! In some ways I can't believe it's already been a year, but in others it seems like Coop has been around forever!! Cooper has been the best baby, he is always happy and rarely cries. He is ALL boy!! He loves the ladies, he is constantly flirting with other older toddler girls. He loves trucks, balls, and being outside. He is a climber as you learned last week, especially into . He loves music and is such a little dancer. He gets into everything, not a day goes by that I don't find a measuring spoon or cup down the hall or in his room. He already has learned how to push Ellie's buttons and as I learned this weekend that will only get worse when they are 9 and 11 (thanks for that advice Vanessa)!! He loves to climb on our stereo in the office and look out the window when I am at the computer. He is his Dad's little sidekick!! He loves food and hasn't met anything he doesn't like. He has 4 teeth with a few more on their way. He has been walking for about a month and wishes that he could already RUN!! He has had 4 haircuts and is in need of another one. He is a great sleeper and takes naps with ease, he has also been sleeping through the night for awhile now!! And his future career...plumber..if you leave the door open, he sneaks in and plays. We sure love Toopie and are so glad that he is ours!!