Friday, October 19, 2012

Tukey Farms

Yesterday Ellie's class went on their first school field trip to  the WSU orchard, Tukey Farm. I was lucky enough to get to go and it was fun to put faces to the names that Ellie chats about at home. The first highlight of the trip was the bus ride. Ellie loved it and has secretly wanted to ride the bus ever since preschool started last year. 

While at the farm we learned a lot about Apples. I had no idea there were over 5000 different types of apples and that red delicious were the most popular. 

While we were there we got to go into a huge freezer they keep the apples in, pick lots of apples, see the vegatable garden and have a delicious snack. 
When we got home I asked Ellie a few things...
Your Favorite Part: Picking Apples
One thing You Learned: That crab apples are sour and not good to eat, just to pollinate the other trees.
Your Least Favorite Part: Picking raspberries, because they had sharp bushes.
I'm just glad it was nice and sunny yesterday, instead of cold, windy, and rainy like today!! It was fun exploring a place we had never been before and I am excited to take the kids back next week and pick some apples, anyone have any yummy recipes?!?!?!