Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Washington State football is a big deal here in Pullman. Everywhere you look there is crimson and gray!! In the streets, on the signs, in tile at the grocery store, and every college student is decked out. The kids weren't allowed shirts til after the BYU game and then we bought some gear to support the local team. Coach Leach is in our ward!!

Since the weather was so gorgeous for the first home game we decided to take the kids to CougarVille. They had a bunch of games and food set up on the practice field next to the stadium. We enjoyed the free shuttle from the airport and once we found our way the kids had a blast.
They bounced in the bounce house with Butch the Cougar, ran through the blow-up obstacle course, played all the games a few times and met the cheerleaders. Ellie had a blast chatting and showing off her cartwheel skills. We left before the game started and headed home to watch our other Cougars play!!!
We still bleed blue, but it's fun to add another team!! Most Friday's Ellie wears her shirt to school to match Mrs. Boone, but she always reminds her "We like both the red and the blue cougars!!!" at least at school she doesn't add how much she hates those UTES!!!