Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sibling Love

A few pictures we took before we went to church on Ellie's Birthday!!!
and here are my two little fish at the Rec Center:) Coop seriously does this the entire time, i don't know how he doesn't drown:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 24th of JULY

This year for the 24th of July we were at my parents cabin and decided it would be fun to go down to Panguitch for the annual parade. When I was telling Ellie about the parade a few days before all she was concerned about was the CANDY!! I have no idea were the fascination came from because we don't eat a lot of candy at our house, but she was excited about it. Every time you mentioned it Ellie said "And get Candy:)"

We got into town a little early and found the perfect spot in the shade of a building and set up our chairs. It was a little tiring trying to entertain Cooper before hand, but once the parade started he was entranced. Ellie ran around like a wild woman picking up so much candy it will probable last until Halloween. Cooper would pick up on kind and then if he found something better he would drop his old and pick up a new piece. Ryker also joined us for the festivities but he was content to just sit and watch and missed much of the candy. 
We love celebrating the 24th in small towns in Utah and here is a flashback pic of us last year in Escalante:) My Mom and Cooper, My Dad, Ellie and Ryker

A morning at the LAKE

Cooper enjoying the didn't taste as good as it looked
Ellie exploring the beach
She loved throwing rocks into the lake and collecting stuff in her bucket
Brady almost done with his mile swim
 Ellie and Brady swimming
Cooper finally content with his bucket and shovel

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We have also had a few visitors at our house this month, including Grandma and my sister Kellie and her family. Both Cooper and Ellie love when they come to visit and play!! Cooper is entranced with little Alyson and wants her so badly. Ellie also likes taking turns holding her. Cooper also loves trying to keep up with Ellie and Ryker. During their visits we have enjoyed Cafe Rio, Pizza Factory, swimming at the Rec Center, playing Strawberry Cakes, watching Thomas, and chasing each other around:)

It's Your Birthday shout HOORAY!!

Last weekend we celebrated Ellie's 3rd birthday!! It was actually on Sunday, but we started a little early. That afternoon we went swimming at the rec center, Ellie loves it there. Now that she is 3 she went down the slides ALL by herself and has learned how to watch the bucket so she doesn't get dumped with all the water. We also stopped at her favorite McDonalds for a happy meal lunch(thanks Great Grandma Sims). 

After naps and mom running a few last minute errands we got out the presents. Ellie has been pretty excited about her party ever since Cooper's birthday last month. She got to pick the order of her present and she got some great stuff!! Cooper gave her a Thomas the Train track with some Trains, Mom gave her some Strawberry Cake stuff (her Aunt Shawna should be proud!!) and Dad surprised everyone with a Red Flyer Scooter and Snow White helmet and knee pads. She loved playing with all her toys and couldn't stick with one for very long. 

Since Ellie isn't really a cake, brownie, or anything sweet kind of gal we made some of Uncle Stephens white chocolate popcorn for her birthday treat. Ellie helped stir the popcorn and sprinkle on the sprinkles. However, she did more eating than helping me put it in the bowls. Then we settled down to watch The Land Before Time!! She is really into dinosaurs since her trip to Aunt Tami's. Brady got called into work during the movie so Ellie and I enjoyed setting off some rockets with kids across the street and then she went on her first scooter ride with Abbie. As I was talking to Vanessa I noticed the girls missing, well, they had gone inside to get the party hats to wear on their adventure. 

It was Independence Day

I am a little late in posting but here is a little peek at what our July has looked like so far. 

We decided to stay home for the 4th of July weekend this year. Since the holiday was on Sunday our neighborhood decided to celebrate on Saturday. We started the morning off nice and early for a kid's bike parade and pot luck breakfast. Brady took both the kids with him on the 4 wheeler, since Ellie can't ride a bike yet. The loved every minute of their ride and wished it would have lasted a little longer. We then enjoyed breakfast with the neighbors then went back into the coolness for naps!  

That evening we attended our first Heinekin BBQ, it was so fun. Ellie was a little hesitant in the pool at first, but after eating she dove right in and turned into a little fish, she would jump/slide into one side have Brady shuttle her to the step, only to get out and do it all again. I wish I would have taken some pics, but the camera was left at home. After taking Coop home and putting the exhausted little man to bed we got ready for the firework show. A few of the neighbors set out on one lawn and then set off fireworks together, Ellie loved it!! She even ventured off to hang with her friend Abbie and sit with the big girls. It was a long day but we had a great time and are looking forward to many more 4th of July celebrations with the hood!!