Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 24th of JULY

This year for the 24th of July we were at my parents cabin and decided it would be fun to go down to Panguitch for the annual parade. When I was telling Ellie about the parade a few days before all she was concerned about was the CANDY!! I have no idea were the fascination came from because we don't eat a lot of candy at our house, but she was excited about it. Every time you mentioned it Ellie said "And get Candy:)"

We got into town a little early and found the perfect spot in the shade of a building and set up our chairs. It was a little tiring trying to entertain Cooper before hand, but once the parade started he was entranced. Ellie ran around like a wild woman picking up so much candy it will probable last until Halloween. Cooper would pick up on kind and then if he found something better he would drop his old and pick up a new piece. Ryker also joined us for the festivities but he was content to just sit and watch and missed much of the candy. 
We love celebrating the 24th in small towns in Utah and here is a flashback pic of us last year in Escalante:) My Mom and Cooper, My Dad, Ellie and Ryker


Emily B said...

We were in New Harmony for the 24th. I love the samll town Utah parades too. Next year I want to go to the parade in Cedar. If you guys are up there again, we should meet up.