Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy Daughter Days

This weekend Brady and Ellie traveled up North for Brady's niece Jessica's wedding. They left Thursday morning, during the drive Ellie enjoyed eating popcorn and watching movies in the back. They had to make a little stop at Yuba lake so Ellie could stretch her legs.Friday they got up early and headed out to help set up the chairs and tables for the reception. Apparently the house had a cute little dog named, Ella, that loved chasing Ellie and Ellie loved chasing her until it bite her bum:)

Brady then took Ellie over to my niece's Chelcie's to get her hair done for the reception. It turned out so adorable and
made Ellie look so old! After they headed to the reception and ran into a huge down pour. Luckily, it stopped before the reception started and the night stayed nice until it was time to start to clean up and then the rain returned. Ellie had a great time running wild and playing outside. She got to wear matching dresses with the other girls and looked so cute. Brady said the photographer took some really cute pics of her and I can't wait to see them.
That night Ellie got to spend the night with her Chelcie and then got to go to the Art City Day's Parade. Chelcie then redid her hair and took her up to the SLC Temple to see Jessica and Garrett at the temple. More pictures, more rain, and pasta at the Old Spaghetti Factory topped off the day.
I have to say that Brady was pretty brave traveling with the little girl, but all turned out well despite Ellie being off her schedule and a little sleep deprived:)


The Swan's said...

Ellie is so pretty in her new dress! looks like ellie and her daddy had a great time! and it was good seeing you brooke..cooper is so dang cute!

Ainsley Anderson said...

i'm glad you posted pictures. jessica looks so beautiful!!!! sorry you had to stay home.

Kellie and Stephen said...

Ellie looks so cute... how fun that she got to hang out with Chelcie for the night at the Wimmer house! I want to see those pictures when you get them. Jessica looks gorgeous!